List of famous people

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*terrific    (2009-01-29)
List of famous people

Here is a list of the most famous people, feel free to complete the list :

Leonardo Da Vinci
Tom Hanks
Jesse Jackson
Willey Mays
Walt Disney
Chuck Yeager
Mohammad Ali
Augustus Caesar
Billy Crystal
Gloria Steinem
William F. Buckley, Jr.
Ernest Hemingway
Thomas Edison
Carol Burnett
Ronald Regan
Colin L. Powell
Dr. Seuss
Helen Keller
Albert Einstein
Elizabeth Taylor
Paul Newman
Bill Clinton
Whoopi Goldberg
Lewis Carrol
Pablo Piccaso
John Travolta
Henri Mancini
Hank Aaron
Alicia Silverstone
Mark Twain
Bob Hope
Elvis Presley
Andy Rooney
Mahatma Gandhi
Chevy Chase
Alfred Hitchcock
Marilyn Vos Savant
Ervin "Magic" Johnson
Michael J. Jordan
Abraham Lincoln
Norman Rockwell
George Carlin
Charlie Brown
Charles Everett Koop
Charles Yeager
John Candy
Robin Williams
Arthur Ashe
Dan Aykroyd
James Taylor
Margaret Thatcher
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Jim Carrey
Yogi Berra
Carrie Fisher
Michael Landon
John Lennon
Isaac Newton
Thomas Edison
Vincent Van Gogh
Julia Child
Meryl Streep
Thomas Jefferson
Lewis And Clark
Andy Griffith
Paul McCartney
C. G. Jung
Jack Nicholson
Tom Cruise
Fred Astaire
Spider Man
Michael Jackson
Terry Bradshaw
Michael J. Fox
Shirley MacLaine
George Washington
John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Michele Pfeiffer
Diana, Princess of Wales
Mary Tyler Moore
Peter Jennings
Jimmy Conners
Clint Eastwood
Bill Gates
Oprah Winfrey
Mother Teresa
Sigourney Weaver
Julia Roberts
James Dean
Ben Franklin
Miles Davis
Edgar Allen Poe
Paul Harvey
Harry Houdini
Elizabeth Dole
General Norman Schwarzkopf
Jane Austen
Bill Cosby
Carl Sagan
Mae West
Roy Rogers
Dave Letterman
Benny Goodman
Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis
Neil Armstrong
Newt Gingrich
Alexander Graham Bell
Sigmund Freud
Mr. Rogers
Ray Charles
Neil Diamond
Phil Donahue
Bob Dylan
C. S. Lewis
Martin Luther King
Marilyn Monroe
Peyton Manning
Darth Vader
William James
Frank Lloyd Wright
Danny Glover
Doris Day
Steve Martin
Charles Dickens
Louis Pasteur
Henry A. Kissinger
Sean Connery
Eddie Murphy
Walter Cronkite
John Katz
Dan Rather
Dick Van Dyke
Harrison Ford

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*1650c5    (2009-03-20 13:31:49)
that list suks

where are all the girls

*db53fb    (2009-03-20 16:21:20)
Famous girls

Cleopatra, Madonna, Pfeiffer, Weaver & Monroe are girls

*9e104a    (2009-03-29 17:28:42)

*tommyrian    (2009-12-28 17:35:18)
14 years ago

otto von bismarck

*kittykat    (2010-01-16 23:24:53)
14 years ago

cool, i think you should do a 2009 list of famous people

*24d81b    (2010-01-22 01:58:31)
List of famous people

Warren Buffett should get a place

*733edb    (2010-03-18 21:59:42)
14 years ago

um i need famous people not losers

*sorugu    (2010-04-29 10:43:31)
13 years ago

hiyahh people why are old saggy people dead ????

*gocunu    (2010-09-26 13:03:30)
13 years ago

Peter Griffin
  why isnt he on the list he rules and is famous

*vidulo    (2011-02-26 17:04:10)
13 years ago

what about people from southeast asia?

buylinked    (2013-02-20 12:13:50)
List of famous people

Audrey Hepburn was an Academy-Award winning actress and fashion icon in the 20th century.

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