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*musicman    (2009-04-23)
List of albums

Here is a big list of albums in chronological order that I recommend (you may find it on the internet, most are also available in mp3 format on Megaupload or Rapidshare) !  Feel free to complete the list :

1956 Onilda Figueiredo [A Voz De]
1959 Nilo Sergio & Sua Orquestra [Dancando Suavemente]
1959 Quincy Jones [The Birth of a Band Vol. 1]
1959 Quincy Jones [The Birth of a Band Vol. 2]
1961 Sidney com Orquestra e Coro Sob Direcao de Astor [Isto E Danca II]
1962 Luiz Humberto, Orgao & Ritmos [Temas Para Dancar]
1964 Albert Ayler [Spiritual Unity]
1964 Dean Martin [Dino At The Sands]
1966 Pete Seeger [Dangerous Songs!?]
1966 Simon & Garfunkel [Johns Hopkins University]
1966 The Who [A Quick One]
1967 Jelly Bean Bandits [Selftitled (More 60's Punk Than Psychedelic)]
1967 Kaleidoscope [Tangerine Dream]
1967 Sebastian Cabot, Actor [Bob Dylan, Poet]
1968 Big Brother & The Holding Company [Cheap Trills]
1968 Blood, Sweat & Tears [Child is Father to the Man]
1968 Clark Hutchinson [Blues (Rare 1st Unreleased Album UK Blues)]
1968 Deep Purple [Shades of Deep Purple]
1968 Deep Purple [The Book of Taliesyn]
1968 Pearls Before Swine [Balaklava]
1968 Plastic Penny [Two Sides Of A Penny]
1968 Small Faces [Ogden's Nut Gone Flake]
1968 Spirit [Spirit]
1968 The Beatles [Peter Sellers Tape]
1968 The Collectors [Grass And Wild Strawberries (Good Canadian Rock)]
1968 The Collectors [The Collectors (2nd Album Good Canadian Rock)]
1968 The Kinks [The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society]
1968 The Rolling Stones [Rock and Roll Circus]
1968 The Soft Machine [Soft Machine]
1968 Traffic [Traffic]
1968 the Beatles [Yellow Submarine]
1969 Blood, Sweat & Tears [Blood, Sweat & Tears]
1969 Darius [Selftitled (Superb US Psychedelia)]
1969 Deep Purple [Deep Purple]
1969 Grateful Dead [Aoxomoxoa]
1969 Janis Joplin [I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!]
1969 Jefferson Airplane [Family Dog at the Great Highway]
1969 Jefferson Airplane [Family Dog at the Great Highway]
1969 John Lee Hooker [That's Where It's At!]
1969 The Illusion [The Illusion]
1969 The Who [Winter Time Trip]
1970 Bachdenkel [Lemmings]
1970 Bob Smith [The Visit (Superb US Psychedelia)]
1970 Deep Purple [In Rock]
1970 Fleetwood Mac [Kiln House]
1970 Harry Nilsson [Harry on Radio & TV]
1970 Iron Butterfly [Metamorphosis (Good US Rock w.Pirena)]
1970 It's A Beautiful Day [Marrying Maiden]
1970 John Martyn [The Road To Ruin]
1970 Life [Spring (Good German Heavy Progressive/Hardrock)]
1970 Liverpool [Marcelo Zona Sul soundtrack]
1970 Nino Nardini & Roger Roger [Jungle Obsession]
1970 Pearls Before Swine [The Use Of Ashes]
1970 Red Snakes [Trying To Be Someone]
1970 The Allman Brothers band [Idlewild South]
1970 Trees [The Garden Of Jane Delawney]
1970-1978 Black Sabbath [Undead And Alive]
1971 Alamo [Alamo]
1971 Bango [Bango]
1971 Deep Purple [Fireball (25th Anniversary Edition)]
1971 Deep Purple [Fireball]
1971 Dennis Wilson (The Beach Boys) [Pacific Ocean Blue]
1971 Emerson, Lake & Palmer [Pictures At An Exhibition]
1971 Grateful Dead [Grateful Dead (Skull & Roses)]
1971 Janis Joplin [Pearl]
1971 Osibisa [Osibisa]
1971 Ronnie Spector [Try Some, Buy Some (Apple Records)]
1971 The Allman Brothers Band [At Filmore East]
1971 The Politicians [Psycha Soul Funkadelic Recorded]
1971 Tucky Buzzard [Time Will Be Your Doctor (UK Hardrock) (2CD)]
1972 Arthur Lee [Vindicator] (Very Good US Heavy Album - ex Love)
1972 Bullangus [Bullangus (Good US Hardrock)]
1972 Deep Purple [Machine Head]
1972 Eagles [Eagles]
1972 Flower Travellin' Band [Satori]
1972 Holderlin [Holderlins Traum]
1972 Leonard Cohen [Live In Israel]
1972 Marcos Valle [Vento Sul]
1972 Nash & Crosby [Graham Nash, David Crosby]
1972 Pescado Rabioso [Canal 11]
1972 The Moody Blues [Seventh Sojourn]
1972 Three Dog Night [Seven Separate Fools]
1973 Deep Purple [Who Do We Think We Are]
1973 Faust [The Faust Tapes]
1973 Horslips [The Tain]
1973 Jefferson Airplane [Thirty Seconds Over Winterland]
1974 Deep Purple [Born]
1974 Supertramp [Crime Of The Century]
1975 Andy Fraser Band [Andy Fraser Band]
1975 Baker Gurvitz Army [Elysian Encounted]
1975 Deep Purple [Come Taste the Band]
1975 Earth Quake [KSAN FM Broadcast (Bootleg)]
1975 Iron Butterfly [Scorching Beauty]
1975 Ney Matogrosso [Ney Matogrosso]
1975 Rick Wakeman [Myths and Legends of King Arthur and ...]
1976 Bryan Ferry [Let's Stick Together]
1976 Doobie Brothers [the Best of]
1976 Peter Tosh [Legalize It]
1976 Victoria Spivey [Moaning The Blues]
1977 Brandywine Bridge [The Grey Lady]
1977 Led Zeppelin [The Dragon Snake (3CD) (Bootleg) (Quality A)]
1977 Pink Floyd [Welcome To The Machine]
1977 Sammy Davis, Jr [The Songs And Dance Man]
1977 Terreno Baldio [Alem das Lendas Brasileiras]
1978 AC/DC [Live In Concert]
1978 Magenta [Canterbury Moon]
1978 Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes [Hearts Of Stone]
1978 The Rolling Stones [Handsome Girls] (Disc 1)
1978 The Rolling Stones [Handsome Girls] (Disc 2)
1978 The Rolling Stones [Handsome Girls] (Disc 3)
1978 The Rolling Stones [Handsome Girls] (Disc 4)
1979 Grupo Um [Marcha Sobre a Cidade]
1979 Rafael Amor [El loco de la via]
1979 Univers Zero [Heresie]
1980 Art Zoyd [Génération sans Futur]
1980 Hardore Superstar [Hardcore Superstar]
1980 Marinho Castellar [Marinho Castellar]
1980 The Pop Group [For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?]
1980 U2 [Boy]
1983 Quintal de Clorofila [O Misterio dos Quintais]
1983 U2 [War]
1983 Y & T [Mean Streak]
1984 Deep Purple [Perfect Strangers]
1984 Jag Panzer [Ample Destruction]
1984 Stevie Ray Vaughan [Couldn't Stand the Weather]
1984 U2 [The Unforgettable Fire]
1985 Armagedon [Armagedon En La Noche]
1985 Prince [City Light Atlanta - Full concert]
1985 Prince [Crucial Studio Bootleg]
1985 The world of Osho [Basho's Pond]
1985 U2 [Wide Awake In America]
1986 Dead Kennedys [Give Me Convenience or Give me Death]
1986 Ennio Morricone [The Mission]
1986 Exumer [Possessed By Fire]
1987 Deep Purple [The House of Blue Light]
1987 Exumer [Rissing From The Sea]
1987 Gregg Allman [I'm No Angel]
1987 Marc Bolan & T.REX [The 16 Greatest Hits]
1987 Metallica [Cliff'em All]
1987 Mortal Sin [Mayhemic Destruction]
1987 U2 [The Joshua Tree]
1988 Adolescents [Balboa Fun Zone]
1988 Bob Dylan with Neil Young [San Francisco Bay Blues]
1988 Busy Bee [Running Thangs]
1988 Ravi Shankar [Inside The Kremlin]
1988 Slayer [Live In N Y]
1988 The Beatles [Past Masters, Vol. 1]
1988 The Beatles [Past Masters, Vol. 2]
1988 U2 [Rattle and Hum]
1989 Kreator [Extreme Aggression]
1989 Shub Niggurath [Les Morts Vont Vite]
1989 Van Halen [Live In Japan]
1990 Alice In Chains [Facelift]
1990 Arlo Guthrie [the Best of]
1990 Bee Gees [Tales From The Brothers Gibb I, II, III, IV]
1990 Creedence Clearwater Revival [Chronicle]
1990 Deep Purple [Slaves and Masters]
1990 Don McLean [American Pie]
1990 Horcas [Reinara la Tempestad]
1990 Notting Hillbillies [Missing...Presumed Having a Good Time]
1990 Riot [The Privilege Of Power]
1990 Sextrash [Sexual Carnage]
1990 Sinead O'Connor [I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got]
1990 Whitesnake [Whitesnake]
1991 Bonnie Raitt [Luck of the Draw]
1991 Death [Fate: The Best]
1991 Genesis [We Can`t Dance]
1991 Jeff Beck [Jeff Beck With the Jan Hammer Group Live]
1991 Keiko Matsui [Night Waltz]
1991 Nausea [Crime Against Humanity]
1991 Prince [Uncut Diamonds Studio Bootleg]
1991 Procol Harum [Prodigal Stranger]
1991 Shah [Terror Collection]
1991 Shub-Niggurath [C'Etaient de Tres Grands Vents]
1991 The Gathering [Live In Holland]
1991 The Who [Kids Are Alright]
1991 Yes [Union]
1992 Alice in Chains [Dirt]
1992 Body Count [Body Count]
1992 Demolition Hammer [Epidemic Of Violence]
1992 Iron Maiden [Fear Of The Dark]
1992 Katatonia [Jhva Elohim Meth... The Revival]
1992 Lola V. Stain [Mansarda (Blind Dog Records)]
1992 Los Shakers [All The Best]
1992 My Dying Bride [As the Flower Withers]
1992 Rascals [Anthology (1965-1972)]
1993 Aaron Neville [Aaron Neville's Soulful Christmas]
1993 Accept [Live In Sophia]
1993 Boss [Born Gangstaz]
1993 Deep Purple [The Battle Rages on]
1993 Deicide [Amon: Feasting the Beast]
1993 Eric Clapton [Live in Fukuoka, Japan (Bootleg)]
1993 Prince [Licence 2 Funk Live Bootleg]
1993 Steely Dan [Live In St. Louis (Bootleg)]
1993 Technotronic [Greatest Hits]
1993 U2 [Zooropa]
1994 Aretha Franklin [Greatest Hits]
1994 Billie Holiday [Me Myself And I]
1994 Dan Gibson [Solitudes: Favorite Selections]
1994 Dark reality [Umbra Cineris]
1994 In Flames [Lunar Strain]
1994 Los Mockers [The Original Recordings]
1994 Mantovani [The Very Best of Mantovani]
1994 Nicholas Gunn [The Sacred Fire]
1994 OST[Pulp Fiction]
1994 Paradise Lost [Icon]
1994 Pavarotti's Opera Made Easy [My Favorite Heroines]
1994 Rabih Abou-Khalil [Tarab]
1994 Rainbow [The Ballads of]
1994 Saint Saens [Carnival of the Animals]
1994 Sammy Hagar [Unboxed]
1994 The Kelly Family [Over the Hump]
1994 V.A. [Woodstock: 3 Days Of Peace And Music]
1994 Various Artist [Three Tenors in Concert Paris]
1994 Vatican Choir [Gregorian Chants]
1994 Whitesnake [Whitesnake's Greatest Hits]
1995 Alice In Chains [Sap EP]
1995 Ana Barbara [Trampa]
1995 Bach [Brandenburg Concertos]
1995 Fools Garden [Dish of the day]
1995 In Flames [The Jester Race]
1995 Katatonia [For Funerals To Come]
1995 Martha Argerich [Rachmaninoff NO.3, Tchaikovsky No.1]
1995 Mary Black [Looking Back]
1995 Nailed Down [Violent Distortion]
1995 Nitin Sawhney [Migration]
1995 Perrey & Kingsley [The In Sound from Way Out!]
1995 Prince [The Astoria Aftershow]
1995 That's Entertainment! [The Ultimate Anthology Of M-G-M Musicals 4 ]
1995 That's Entertainment! [The Ultimate Anthology Of M-G-M Musicals 5]
1995 That's Entertainment! [The Ultimate Anthology Of M-G-M Musicals 6]
1995 The Chemical Brothers [Exit Planet Dust]
1995 The World Of Osho [Garden Of The Beloved]
1995 Various Artists [1995 Grammy Nominees]
1996 Alan Jackson [Everything I Love]
1996 Blackmore's Night [Stranger in Us All]
1996 Deep Purple [Live at the Olympia]
1996 Deep Purple [Purpendiculer]
1996 Empyrium [A Wintersunset]
1996 Horkyze Slize [V Ramci Oneho]
1996 Jerry Garcia & David Grisman [Shady Grove]
1996 Katatonia [Brave Murder Day]
1996 Keiko Matsui [Doll]
1996 Keiko Matsui [Dream walk]
1996 Keiko Matsui [Sapphire]
1996 Lethal [Efecto Tequila]
1996 Mazzy Star [Among My Swan]
1996 My Dying Bride [Like Gods of the Sun]
1996 Neil Diamond [The Jazz Singer]
1996 Soundtrack [Shine]
1996 Summoning [Dol Guldur]
1996 Symphony X [The Divine Wings Of Tragedy]
1996 That's Entertainment! [The Ultimate Anthology Of M-G-M Musicals 5]
1996 The Beatles [The Rooftop Concert]
1996 The Blue Shadows [Live '95]
1996 Tori Amos [Boys for Pele]
1996 Various Artists [1996 Grammy Nominees]
1996 Vaya Con Dios [the Best of]
1996 Von LMO [Red Resistor]
1996 Whitesnake [Saints & Sinners]
1996 Whitesnake [Slip of the Tongue]
1996 Whitesnake [Snakebite]
1996 onnie Earl & The Broadcasters [Grateful Heart: Blues & Ballads]
1997 A Tribe Called Quest [Revised Quest for the Seasoned Traveler]
1997 Alice in Chains [Grind]
1997 Beijing Angelic Choir [Beautiful Dreamer]
1997 Charlie Byrd, Stan Getz [Jazz Samba]
1997 DJ Pooh [Bad Newz Travels Fast]
1997 Delerium [Karma]
1997 Ebony Tears [Tortura Insomniae]
1997 Elton John [In loving Memory of Diana, Princess of Wales]
1997 Fourplay [the Best of]
1997 Jay Z [In My Lifetime, Vol. 1]
1997 Jimi Hendrix [South Saturn Delta]
1997 Katatonia [Discouraged Ones]
1997 Keiko Matsui [No Borders]
1997 Keiko Matsui [Under Northern Lights]
1997 Kreator [Out of the Dark, Into the Light]
1997 Lighthouse Family [Postcards from Heaven]
1997 Liquid Liquid [Liquid Liquid]
1997 Mactatus [Provenance of Cruelty]
1997 Prince [The Truth - Acoustic Studio album]
1997 Sister Machine Gun [Metropolis]
1997 Stille Volk [Hantaoma]
1997 Stretch Armstrong [Lesson 1 (Dolo)]
1997 U2 [Pop]
1997 Various Artists [1997 Grammy Nominees]
1997 Various Artists [Planetary Pebbles Vol. 1 ...]
1997 Within Temptation [Enter]
1998 Babyface [Christmas with Babyface]
1998 Body Count [Violent Demise: Last Days]
1998 Chi-lites [Greatest Hits]
1998 Deep Purple [Abandon]
1998 Horkyze Slize [Vo Stvorici Po Opici]
1998 Jay Z [Hard Knock Life]
1998 Jeff Victor [Scottish moorse & merald Isle]
1998 Joy Division [Heart & Soul]
1998 Katatonia [Saw You Drown]
1998 Keiko Matsui [Full Moon And The Shrine]
1998 Mactatus [The Complex Bewitchment
1998 My Dying Bride [34.788%...Complete]
1998 Ravel [Bolero]
1998 Symphony X [Twilight In Olympus]
1998 Various Artist [Great Dance And Ballet Classics]
1998 Various Artists [1998 Grammy Nominees]
1998 Various Artists [Easy Tempo Vol. 7]
1998 Various Artists [Easy Tempo Vol. 8]
1998 Various Artists [Funky Bass Music Mix]
1998 Whitesnake [Come An' Get It]
1998 Whitesnake [Ready An' Willing]
1998 Winger [Winger]
1998 Withering Surface [The Nude Ballet]
1998 Within Temptation [The Dance]
1999 Alice In Chains [Nothing Safe: The Best Of The Box]
1999 Hapshash & Coloured Coat [Hapshash & Coloured Coat]
1999 Jay Z [Life And Times of S. Carter]
1999 Johannes Linstead [Sol Luna Tierra]
1999 John Williams & The Boston Pops Orchestra [The Very Best]
1999 Katatonia [Tonight's Decision]
1999 Keith Jarrett [The Melody At Night, With You]
1999 King Crimson [Cirkus]
1999 Koji Tamaki [Wine Red Heart]
1999 Mercyful Fate [9]
1999 Nitin Sawhney [Beyond skin]
1999 Paradise Lost [Live In Cologne]
1999 Premiata Forneria Marconi [Photos Of Ghosts]
1999 Ricky Matin [Ricky Martin]
1999 Tammy Wynette [16 Greatest Hits]
1999 Various Artists [1999 Grammy Nominees: Mainstream ]
1999 Various Artists [Easy Tempo Vol. 1]
1999 Various Artists [Easy Tempo Vol. 2: The Psycho Beat]
1999 Various Artists [Easy Tempo Vol. 3]
1999 Various Artists [Easy Tempo Vol. 9]
1999 Whitesnake [Live at Hammersmith]
1999 Whitesnake [Starkers in Tokyo]
2000 Almaailman Vasarat [Vasaraasia]
2000 Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble [Music to relax]
2000 Ennio Morricone [The Very Best Of]
2000 Goran Bregovic [Songbook]
2000 Guns N' Roses [Chinese Democracy]
2000 Horkyze Slize [Ja Chacu Tebja]
2000 Jay Z [The Dynasty Roc La Familia]
2000 Jeff Victor [Return to Scottish Moors]
2000 Jheena Lodwick [All My Loving]
2000 Lana Lane [Secrets of Astrology]
2000 Melvin Taylor [Bang That Bell]
2000 Nelly [Country Grammar]
2000 Nevermore [Dead Heart, In A Dead World]
2000 Nitin Sawhney [Displacing the Priest]
2000 Premiata Forneria Marconi [Storia di un Minuto]
2000 Soundtrack [Snatch]
2000 Stevie Ray Vaughan [Live El Mocambo]
2000 Symphony X [V: The New Mythology Suite]
2000 The Clash [London Calling]
2000 The Corrs [Unplugged]
2000 The world of Osho [In wonder]
2000 The world of Osho [Shadow Of The Pines]
2000 The world of Osho [Ten Thousand Buddhas]
2000 The world to Osho [Yes to the river]
2000 Tim McGraw [Greatest Hits]
2000 Various Artist [Classics Galore]
2000 Various Artists [Easy Tempo Vol. 4]
2000 Various Artists [Grammy Nominees 2000]
2000 Various Artists [Peter Green Songbook: A Tribute To His Work]
2001 5ive's Continuum Research Project [The Telestic Disfracture]
2001 Corciolli [Reiki]
2001 Crowbar [Sonic Excess In It's Purest Form]
2001 Daft Punk [Alive 1997]
2001 Elvenmusic [Caprice]
2001 GameOst [Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections]
2001 GameOst [Final Fantasy IX Piano Collection]
2001 GameOst [Final Fantasy V Piano Collections]
2001 GameOst [Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections]
2001 GameOst [Final Fantasy VIII Piano Colection]
2001 Gillian Welch [Time (The Revelator)]
2001 HALO [Live 06:06:01]
2001 Horkyze Slize [Festival Chorobna]
2001 Jay Z [Unplugged]
2001 Joan Jett & The Heartbreakers [Live at the Rockies (plus more)]
2001 John Coltrane [Coltrane For Lovers]
2001 Katatonia [Last Fair Deal Gone Down]
2001 Keiko Matsui [Deep Blue]
2001 Linkin Park [Hybrid Theory] EP
2001 Linkin Park [Splitting The DNA]
2001 Louis Armstrong [That Rhythm Man]
2001 My Dying Bride [Meisterwerk 1]
2001 My Dying Bride [Meisterwerk 2]
2001 Nitin Sawhney [Prophesy]
2001 Opgezwolle [Spuugdingen op de Mic]
2001 Powerslaves [An Elektro Tribute to Iron Maiden]
2001 Sade [Best of Sade]
2001 The Acoustics Collection [Whistle Music]
2001 The world of Osho [Zen Tarot]
2001 Tim McGraw [Set This Circus Down]
2001 Various Artist [The #1 Opera Album]
2001 Various Artists [Grammy Nominees 2001]
2001 Various Artists [Tribal Futures :The way ahead...]
2001 Within Temptation [Mother Earth]
2001 Yesterdays New Quintet [Angles Without Edges]
2002 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. [Univers Zen...]
2002 Akineton Retard [Akranania]
2002 Aled Jones [Aled]
2002 Alif Tree [Spaced]
2002 Avenged Sevenfold [Sounding the Seventh Trumpet]
2002 Babyface [A Collection of His Greatest Hits]
2002 Barry Manilow [Ultimate]
2002 Biosphere [Cirque]
2002 Burmester [Vorfuhrungs CD II]
2002 David Bowie [Best Of Bowie]
2002 Demis Roussos [Very Best of Demis Roussos]
2002 Doves [Lost Sides]
2002 GameOst [Final Fantasy X Piano Collection]
2002 Hans Zimmer [Spirit]
2002 Horkyze Slize [Kyze Sliz]
2002 Infamous Mobb [Special Edition]
2002 Jeffrey Osborne [20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection]
2002 Keiko Matsui [The Ring]
2002 Kenny Chesney [No Shoes No Shirt No Problems]
2002 Lifescapes [Celtic Voice]
2002 Michael Card [El Shaddai (God Almighty)]
2002 Nelly [Nellyville]
2002 Norah Jones [Live At House Of Blues]
2002 Paradise Lost [Symbol Of Life]
2002 Rod Steward [The Great American Songbook, Vol.I]
2002 Sarah Jane Morris [Blue Valentine]
2002 Slayer [Live: Decade of Agression]
2002 Symphony X [The Odyssey]
2002 The Flying Luttenbachers [Infection and Decline]
2002 Tierra Santa [Sangre de Reyes]
2002 Tom Waits [Alice]
2002 Tomaso Albinoni etc. [Baroque Adagios]
2002 Various Artists [Barry 7's Connectors Vol.1: Selected By Barry 7]
2002 Various Artists [Grammy Nominees 2002]
2002 Will Smith [Will Smith - Greatest Hits]
2002 Zelia Duncan [Sortimento - Ao Vivo]
2003 Avenged Sevenfold [Waking the Fallen]
2003 Buried At Sea [Migration]
2003 C.A.R.N.E. [The Taste of Latex]
2003 CHACDA [La Sortie]
2003 Chingy [Jackpot]
2003 Daddy Yankee [Los Homerun]
2003 Dane Cook [Harmfull If Swallowed]
2003 Deep Purple [Bananas]
2003 GameOst [Final Fantasy VII Piano Colection]
2003 Horkyze Slize [Alibaba A 40 Kratkych Songou]
2003 Jack the Ripper [I'm coming]
2003 Jay Z [Blueprint]
2003 Jay Z [The Black Album]
2003 Keiko Matsui [Cherry Blossom]
2003 Keiko Matsui [The Piano]
2003 Keiko Matsui [White Owl]
2003 Limp Bizkit [Results May Vary]
2003 Linkin Park [Live At Nottingham]
2003 Little Brother [The Listening]
2003 Lynyrd Skynyrd [Vicious Cycle]
2003 Lyrics Born [Later That Day... ]
2003 Mary J. Blige [Love & Life]
2003 Mojave 3 [Spoon and Rafter]
2003 Nazareth [the Very Best of]
2003 Necro Presents [Brutality Part 1]
2003 Nevermore [Enemies Of Reality]
2003 Opgezwolle [Vloeistof]
2003 Ozzy Osbourne [Essential Ozzy Osbourne]
2003 Peter Gabriel [Hit]
2003 Psyclon Nine [Divine Infekt]
2003 Ricky Martin [Almas Del Silencio]
2003 Soundtrack [2 Fast 2 Furious]
2003 Soundtrack [Italian Job]
2003 Spock's Beard [Feel Euphoria]
2003 Summer [Summer]
2003 The Innocence Mission [Befriended]
2003 The Most Relaxing Piano Album In The World Ever
2003 Tom Principato [House On Fire]
2003 Various Artist [Relaxing Classics]
2003 Various Artists [Easy Tempo Vol. 10]
2003 Various Artists [Easy Tempo Vol. 5]
2003 Various Artists [Grammy Nominees 2003]
2003 Will Downing [Emotions]
2003 Zion I [Curb Servin]
2004 Alan Jackson [What I Do]
2004 Alessandro Safina [Safina]
2004 Audiophile Percussions [Gabrielle Roth and The Mirror]
2004 Baby Einstein [Playtime Music Box]
2004 Bad Religion [Live At Rock AM Ring]
2004 Bad Religion [Live In Madrid]
2004 Beach Boys [Christmas With The Beach Boys]
2004 Blonde Redhead [Misery Is a Butterfly]
2004 Bob Marley and the Wailers [LEGEND: the best of]
2004 Chingy [Powerballin']
2004 Church Of Misery [The Second Coming]
2004 Damien Rice [B-Sides]
2004 Dave Clark Five [Dave Clark Five 30 Greatest Hits STEREO(1964-1967)]
2004 ELOY [Ocean]
2004 Eagle Of Death Metal [Peace Love Death Metal]
2004 Four Great Songs from the Summer of France
2004 GameOst [Final Fantasy X-2 Piano collection]
2004 Gate [Iselilja]
2004 Horkyze Slize [Ritero Xaperle Bax]
2004 Janiva Magness [Bury Him At The Crossroads]
2004 Jimmy Scott [Falling in Love Is Wonderful]
2004 Kazu Matsui Project [Tribal Schubert]
2004 LI Na [The Mercy Buddha Guanyin] (Buddhism Music)
2004 Leny Andrade [Estamos Ai]
2004 Linkin Park [Live From Bbc]
2004 Linkin Park [Live in Orlando, Florida]
2004 Llewellyn [mysts of avalon]
2004 Mario Winans [Hurt No More]
2004 Nasum [Live In München]
2004 Nocte Obducta [Nektar Teil 1 (Zwolf Monde, Eine Hand Voll Traume)]
2004 Novaspace [Cubes]
2004 Pete Seeger [We Shall Overcome]
2004 Premiata Forneria Marconi [Chocolate Kings]
2004 Premiata Forneria Marconi [L'isola Di Niente]
2004 Prince [Shark Tank Live Bootleg]
2004 Prodigy [Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned]
2004 Quantic [Mishaps Happening]
2004 Queen Latifah [The Dana Owens Album]
2004 Rammstein [Live In Madrid]
2004 Renee Olstead [Renee Olstead]
2004 Rinaldo Alessandrini [Bach, Vivaldi, Marcello: Concerti Italiani]
2004 Sharrie Williams & The Wiseguys [Hard Drivin' Woman]
2004 Soundtrack [Lord of the rings II: The Two Towers]
2004 Swingle Singers [Vivaldi -the Four Seasons]
2004 The Cure [Live In Rome]
2004 The world of Osho [Five fingers]
2004 Trobar De Morte [Nocturnal Dance of the Dragonfly]
2004 Trobar de Morte [FairyDust]
2004 U2 [How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb]
2004 Ufomammut [Snailking]
2004 V.A. [50 Guitar Greatest]
2004 V.A. [All the Time in the World (BOX SET)]
2004 Various Artists [Barry 7's Connectors Vol.2: Selected By Barry 7]
2004 Various Artists [Dear Johnny: A Tribute To Cash]
2004 Various Artists [Easy Tempo Vol. 6]
2004 Various Artists [Grammy Nominees 2004]
2004 Various Artists [Moondog Matinee]
2004 Various Artists [The ABsolute Sound]
2004 Various Artists [the yellow guide opera]
2004 Velvet Revolver [Contraband]
2004 Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra [Best of Wiener Philharmoniker]
2004 Whitesnake [Slide It In]
2004 Wintersun [Wintersun]
2005 Antony & The Johnsons [I Am A Bird Now]
2005 Apse [Apse]
2005 Armik [Mar de Suenos]
2005 Audioslave [Live in cuba]
2005 Autopsy [Dark Crusades] (DVD)
2005 Beyond Sensory Experience [Pursuit Of Pleasure]
2005 Blasted Mechanism [Avatara]
2005 Candlemass [The Curse of Candlemass](DVDRip)
2005 Clou [Postcards]
2005 Cortisol [Meat]
2005 DJ Rhettmatic [The World Famous Beat Junkies, Vol. 2]
2005 DJ Whoo Kid & Lloyd Banks [Mo' Money In The B]
2005 Dane Cook [Retaliation]
2005 DarkSun [Dark Side]
2005 David Bowie & The Konrads [The Konrads Rehearsals]
2005 David Bowie [Stage]
2005 Daylight Dies [Live from the Relapse Contamination Festival]
2005 Deep Purple [Rapture Of The Deep]
2005 Def Jamaica [Redstar Sounds presents]
2005 Destiny's Child [#1's]
2005 Deuter [East Of The Full Moon]
2005 Dianna Reeves [Good Night, And Good Luck]
2005 Dope Stars Inc [Neuromance]
2005 Dream Theater [Live In Vienna]
2005 Edan [Beauty and the Beat]
2005 Eminem [Curtain Call The Hits (2CD deluxe edition)]
2005 Enjoy [Synthmatic]
2005 Fading Colours[I'm Scared of... ]
2005 Fleetwood Mac [Trilogy]
2005 Francoise Hardy [Tant De Belles Choses]
2005 Iron Maiden [Live At Rock AM Ring]
2005 Jaksi Taksi [Zachovejte Paniku]
2005 Jawat! [Ut Zwarte Aap]
2005 John Williams [Munich]
2005 Joss Stone [Duet]
2005 Keiko Matsui [Walls Of Akendora]
2005 Kemuri [Principle]
2005 Korn [Live In Civitavecchia 04.09.2005]
2005 La Bersuit [Y punto]
2005 Lado 2 Estereo [Samba Bloody Samba]
2005 Leela James [A Change Is Gonna Come]
2005 Ludwig van Beethoven [Beethoven Adagios]
2005 Maria Muldaur [Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul]
2005 Nelly [Sweat & Suit]
2005 Nitin Sawhney [Philtre]
2005 Nocte Obducta [Nektar Teil 2 (Seen, Flusse, Tagebucher)]
2005 OST [Four Brothers]
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2005 Whitesnake [Live At Brasil]
2005 Whitesnake [Live in the Heart of the City]
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2006 Anonymous Player [Another Version of Canon]
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2006 Bronze Nazareth [The Great Migration]
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2006 Corvus Corax [Venus Vina Musica (Promo)]
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2006 Crazy Frog [We Are The Champions]
2006 Cyborg Attack [Stoerf***tor]
2006 Dangerdoom [Occult Hymn EP]
2006 David Bowie [This is not America (Dreamtime Mix v2.0)]
2006 Des Esseintes [Mondo Macabro]
2006 Divokej Bill [Divokej Bill]
2006 Do or Die [Get That Paper]
2006 Dolls Of Pain [Decadance]
2006 Duke Robillard [Guitar Groove A Rama]
2006 Earth,Wind and Fire [Collections]
2006 Ed Harcourt [The Beautiful Lie]
2006 Edo. G [Solid Recordings EP]
2006 Eminem [Shake That Feat. Nate Dogg]
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2006 Etta James [The definitive collection]
2006 Exodus [Tempo Of The Damned (2CD Deluxe Edition)]
2006 Feeling [Twelve Stops and Home]
2006 Fifa World Cup Hits [Goleo VI]
2006 Firewind [Allegiance]
2006 Fort Minor [We Major Mixtape]
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2006 Grave [As Rapture Comes]
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2006 Hanson [20th Century Masters: The Best of Hanson]
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2006 Keane [Under The Iron Sea (Faked Edition)]
2006 Kemuri [Little Playmate]
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2006 Klaus Schulze [Irrlicht (Deluxe Edition) (Remastered)]
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2006 M.V.P [Hip Hop, Clubs, Girls & Life: Vol.1]
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2006 Madonna [Get Together]
2006 Marduk [Opus Nocturne (Reissue)]
2006 Maritime [We, the Vehicles]
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2006 Nightwish [End of an Era]
2006 Norfolk & Western [A Gilded Age (EP)]
2006 OST[Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason]
2006 OST[Elizabethtown soundtrack Vol.2]
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2006 Pernice Brothers [Discover a Lovelier You]
2006 Pink [Who Knew (CDS)]
2006 Portion Control [Archive (4CD)]
2006 Premiata Forneira Marconi [Dracula Opera Rock]
2006 Premiata Forneira Marconi [Dracula Opera Rock]
2006 Premiata Forneria Marconi [The Best Of ]
2006 Primal Scream [Riot City Blues]
2006 Richie Ren [Old Place]
2006 Ringo Starr [Rare Tracks]
2006 Roc C [All Questions Answered]
2006 Ronan Keating [Bring You Home]
2006 Ronan Keating [Iris]
2006 Ryan Shupe [Dream Big]
2006 Salt N Pepa [Greatest Hits]
2006 Sandi Thom [Smile... It Confuses People]
2006 Sandy [Frame Of Mind]
2006 Sarah Buxton [Untitle]
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2006 Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean [Hips Don't Lie]
2006 Shane Alexander [Stargazer]
2006 Smitty [The Voice Of The Ghetto]
2006 Snoop Dogg [Welcome To The Church]
2006 Snoop Dogg [Without Hoes Life Would Be f**ked Up!]
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2006 Soundtrack [Cars]
2006 Soundtrack [Sound Of Superman]
2006 Stereolab [Fab Four Suture]
2006 Strapping Young Lad [The New Black]
2006 Stravaganzza [Hijos Del Miedo (EP)]
2006 Stravaganzza [Hijos Del Miedo Ep]
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2006 Suzuki Ami [Alright]
2006 System Of A Down [Unreleased Collection]
2006 T.a.T.u [Gomenasai (Maxi Cd)]
2006 Tankard [The Beauty and the Beer]
2006 Ten Shekel Shirt [Meet With Me]
2006 Thalia [El Sexto Sentido]
2006 The Beautiful South [Superfi]
2006 The Devil'z Rejects [Necronomicon]
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2006 The Upper Room [Other People's Problems]
2006 Thievery Corporation [Versions (Rmxs)]
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2006 Threat Signal [Under Reprisal]
2006 Three Days Grace [One-X]
2006 Tina Karol [Show Me Your Love]
2006 Tom Verlaine [Songs And Other Things]
2006 Trent Willmon [A Little More Livin']
2006 Trobar de Morte [Reverie]
2006 Type O' Negative [Black #1 (Clip)]
2006 Ugly Duckling [Bang For The Buck]
2006 V.A. [Tuning Beats 2006 Vol. 2]
2006 Various Artist [64 Trumpet Songs a Collection]
2006 Various Artist [Lovers' Adagios]
2006 Various Artist [Zilloscope - New Signs and Sounds]
2006 Various Artists [Bigger]
2006 Various Artists [Electro Bossa Nova N'cool]
2006 Various Artists [Goa Sound System Vol.6 (2CD)]
2006 Various Artists [I love disco diamonds collection Vol.39]
2006 Various Artists [Infactious Volume Two (Limited Edition)]
2006 Various Artists [MTV Brand New Music Volume 1]
2006 Various Artists [Mega Hits Mix (House Techno Dance)]
2006 Various Artists [Monday Morning Mix Session Teck House Minimal Techno]
2006 Various Artists [Musik Aus Der Welt Von Kriegerherzen]
2006 Various Artists [Rolling Stone New Noises Vol. 77]
2006 Various Artists [The Projekt Almost Free CD]
2006 Various Artists [Urban Express 673Y]
2006 Various Artists [World Percussion (uk)]
2006 Various Versions of the Song [You Raise Me Up]
2006 Venetian Snares [Cavalcade Of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore]
2006 Vengeance [Back in the Ring]
2006 Wang Sheng-Di [Dancing Crystal]
2006 Whitesnake [Definitive Collection]
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2006 Whitesnake [Trouble]
2006 Wumpscut [Killer Archives]
2006 Young People [All At Once]
2006 Yung Joc [New Joc City]
2006 Zao [The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here]

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