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myron    (2008-01-08)
Link exchange for poker site

Dear friends,
                I have a website ht*p:// and have spent a lot of time and efforts to ensure my visitors gain the maximum benefit from their visit. My Holdem Tips is a social video site focuses on learning and sharing Texas Holdem tips.
Sites Page rank is 4 and I am looking forward for link exchange with others .If anybody interested please contact me at myholdemtips(at)


*casinopok    (2008-07-19 15:27:04)
Link exchange request as well

Hello all, I'm interrested to exchange links with casino poker gambling related websites (preferably websites who has a PR (page rank) value and/or an traffic ranking value.)

Note that my website is online since 15 june 2008 only, so it has a PR 0 (to new to get a PR value) but is already indexed and referenced on major search engines, My site appear on SE pages 1 to 6 on millions search terms... so probably I will get soon a good PR value.

anyone interrested, reply to my message on this forum or email me at:

Website URL: Welcome to Online Casino Poker Mobile

Your link will be added on the following page: Welcome to Online Casino Poker Mobile


*lisa    (2008-09-05 15:39:35)
Auto link submit pokersite


Our auto link submit is open for trading links.

website: ht*p://
submit link: ht*p://

*pkrcheats    (2009-02-05 09:23:28)

*9bc74b    (2009-02-19 09:03:00)
Link or banner Exchange

Hello. I have just created site, where I recomended Poker no Deposit Bonus. I would like to exchange a link or banner with some sites connected with poker.

My link is:
<ahref="">"/></a> - Check the best no deposit bonus and free poker money offers!

And my banner is:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Check the best no deposit bonus and free poker money offers"/></a>

If you would like to exchange, paste any of them on your site and send me email with your link on

*7974f0    (2009-02-19 09:04:21)
Link or banner Exchange

Hello. I have just created site, where I recomended Poker no Deposit Bonus. I would like to exchange a link or banner with some sites connected with poker.

If you would like to exchange, send me email with your link on and I will send you with my.

*ongamebon    (2009-04-15 09:38:01)
poker link exchange

We are looking for more link partners. If you want to have a link to your website at ht*p://, add this code to one of your pages:
<a href="" target="_blank"><b></b></a>: Listing of all ongame poker bonuses. Free tools to help you pick the best bonus that suits your play. Exclusive promotions available!

and let us know your link title, where to link to and your link description. Send this info to support(at)

*pokerducy    (2009-05-13 19:29:12)
Poker DUCY

Looking to trade links with other poker games, give me a shout at ht*p://


*2b2858    (2009-05-19 10:29:35)
ongame bonus links

Referring to the above post about ongame bonus:

We have changed our poker link page and are still looking for more link partners.. more information about exchanging links with us can be found on the bottom of our link page.

*tpd    (2009-05-25 12:21:28)
Poker Link Exchange


Im looking to exchange links with poker related site. ht*p://

*9d6719    (2009-06-17 15:48:40)
poker bonus free


*9d109c    (2009-07-03 15:49:46)
Link exchange request

Name: justin
Email: webmastergambling27(at)
Dear Webmaster,

I visited your website and found it to be having pretty useful content.
I invite you for a link exchange (3-way linking) with our website(s).

*biju    (2009-07-22 13:07:17)
Link exchange with casino sites


I have 2 websites which related to casino. I am looking for link exchange partners for that sites. If you have any casino/gmabling/poker site please let me know. I'll give you backlinks from here:


if interested please mail me at biju(at)

*marone    (2009-07-29 22:34:09)
Poker site link exchange

e-mail: info[at]

*justin    (2009-08-18 15:25:24)
Link Exchange Offer !!

Dear Administrator,

I have a website on a related topic that I thought might be of interest to your visitors. Since we are both appealing to the same group of people, I thought a link exchange would be beneficial for both of us.

We can put your link on our website and we also deal in paid offers.

Feel free to contact me for any enquires at justin.leist(at)

Justin Liest

*7e1d8f    (2009-09-02 08:02:40)
link exchange


I am from, we have launched the website to discuss poker strategies, poker tournaments, and latest industry news.

We are a newbie site, looking for link exchanges with various established sites; we are interested in quality link exchanges. We have not contacted and will not in the future any banned websites and black hat SEO implemented sites. We are as much concerned about the quality of  our website, as you are about yours, and we also make sure that we don’t have any dead links. 
Would like to know if you are interested in a link exchange with us, 


*justin    (2009-09-07 12:13:02)
link exchange request

I have many sites for link exchange i need casino sites if anyone interested please mail me your details


*bonus    (2009-09-08 21:31:35)
Link exchange deal's

Hi. I have 4 poker sites with Google Pr0. I am interested to exchange with casino, gaming, and poker sites. Furtured instructions on pages below.


*jasper    (2009-09-17 13:36:15)
3-Way Link Exchange for gambling sites

I am invite to all of you for 3 way link exchange.

You can contact me :


*amy_evens    (2009-09-19 15:25:39)
Advertising Opportunity

Dear Webmaster,

My name is Amy, and my company Topspot-Promotions represents online gaming sites in various domains. We are looking at reputable sites to offer them opportunities to help promote some of our clients sites. We primarily seek text advertising and blog posts.

For further details please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
Amy Evens
Advertising Consultant
Business Development Department

*50ea1a    (2009-09-19 15:32:08)
Great Opportunity For Advertisement

My name is Tina Reed and my company represents sites that are respected, successful companies that wish to enhance their market position.

We are searching for opportunities to promote our clients sites. We primarily seek text advertising and blog posts while searching relevant sites, I have gone through your website (  Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you more details.
I am looking forward to hear from you soon.”

Tina Reed
Advertising Consultant
Business Development Department

*johan    (2009-11-23 13:45:35)

hi i look for link exhange for 1 of my site;s

*d8d484    (2009-11-25 18:08:58)
link exchange

I am the webmaster of ht*p://  and i would be interested in link exchanging.I could give  links on any inner page PR1 on my sites : and and also pr0 on ht*p:// inner pages . If anyone interesed please contact on webmaster(at)

Best regards!

*d5d7e8    (2009-12-12 06:30:16)
14 years ago

URL:  ht*p://

Title: Best Poker Rakeback, Poker Rakeback, Best Rakeback Site

Description:  Looking for subscribing best poker rakeback deals! is the best poker rakeback site that provides you pocker rakeback with a refund of the money you paid to the site.

mpourkos    (2009-12-20 15:19:57)


14 years ago

Free backlinks for you site at : ht*p://


If you really want to learn Poker and get all the accessories you ll ever need just visit ht*p://

olvin    (2009-12-23 07:16:51)
14 years ago

Looking for Link Exchange:

*online    (2010-01-04 10:17:27)
Link exchange for poker site

Title: Online Casino Guide
URL: ht*p://
Description : Casinonrock is a online casino guide of all online casino games such as online blackjack, online slots, online roulette, online craps, online bingo and also online betting, lottery and more.

*8977d6    (2010-01-06 04:53:49)
14 years ago

m looking for poker sites pr0+ cached and min less 50 out-bounds.. contact me here: eventmarkete(at)gmail(dot)com

*tracy    (2010-01-11 17:05:37)
14 years ago

I\'ve published a new poker strategy guide online at ht*p://

Its got quality original content and I\'m planning monthly updates. It\'s indexed in search engines, but I\'m looking for a couple more link partners so I can get its traffic going better.

Contact me tracy[use the at symbol]falbepublishing[dot]com

pokerincent    (2010-01-11 18:47:51)
14 years ago

Im looking to exchange links with poker related websites.

Here is the link to my website:ht*p://

This is where your link will be placed: ht*p://

Please contact me on the contact form on my website if you wish to exchange links thanks.

*thomas    (2010-01-13 21:17:41)
Link exchange for poker related pages e-mail Thomas_b_johansen(at)

*0f89e8    (2010-01-18 21:36:55)
Link exchange for poker site

submit your links
Online Gambling Directory

*a7f16d    (2010-01-20 10:24:10)
14 years ago

USA Bingo Chief brings online entertainment through fair play and transparency to worldwide bingo-enthusiasts. USA bingo Chief provide online bingo, slots, keno, online blackjack, video poker, online roulette, craps and many other online casino games.

*f76356    (2010-01-28 10:47:32)
14 years ago


I manage the site ht*p://
I am happy to invite you to join us in a link deal.If you are interested,please send your link details to add.

If this doesn't suit you, please let me know any other interesting options
you would like to share.

Waiting for your positive reply,

*sunny    (2010-01-29 05:47:57)
14 years ago

Go to -

*cb1dd0    (2010-02-02 07:53:05)
14 years ago

link exchange with gambling site, please email me mktg(at)

*adafdb    (2010-02-03 07:57:21)
Link exchange for poker site

online slots :Play the Best Online Slots Games at JackpotCity, the most trusted casino for 12 years! Win more jackpots more often at over 350 exciting Slots games.

*98f23c    (2010-02-07 23:25:37)
14 years ago

Get rakeback from online poker sites.

*e4c4da    (2010-02-07 23:27:56)
14 years ago


*975fcb    (2010-02-15 08:03:14)
14 years ago

Top Casino Bonuses :We list casino bonuses by software, game type and offer a host of casino bonus articles that will help players have a full understanding about casino bonuses.

*thomas_    (2010-02-19 23:19:48)
Link exchange for poker related sites, casino etc....

Get the best Rakeback deals from online poker sites on the best rakeback site on the internet.
Looking for poker related sites, casino, gaming, gambling etc... link exchange.

contact details: Thomas_b_johansen(at)

*9ac273    (2010-02-23 12:20:56)
Link exchange for poker site

Online Casinos In USA :Find the best casino to play online casino games and online casinos in USA., one of the most trusted  online casino. Learn, practice and play your favorite casino game.

*863c88    (2010-02-24 13:44:51)
Link Exchange for fashion and gambling sites

I have some casino and fashion sites. If any body want links on these sites please contact to me: -


*54137a    (2010-02-24 14:11:00)
Link exchange for casino sites

  I am webmaster and i do link exchange from casino,poker,bingo,blackjack sites.I have many sites of casino,models,games so please contact me.

contact : jstinlanger[at]


*dfe815    (2010-02-24 14:13:21)
Link Exchange 4 casino, poker, fashion, education sites


I am doing 3 way link exchange if anyone interested to exchange for casino, poker, fashion and education sites feel free to contact me by mail or messenger.

contact by gmail or msn


Email Id - kriss{dot}seo{at}

*joshwill    (2010-02-27 08:00:11)
14 years ago

  dear webmasters i am looking casino/games/sports minmum pr1 sites/directory any body have and also intresting to 3 way link exchange soon contact me please.
thanks and regrad

*f6a1dd    (2010-03-08 19:33:07)
Link exchange for poker site


I am doing 3 way link exchange if anyone interested to exchange for casino, poker, fashion and education sites feel free to contact me by mail or messenger.

contact by gmail or msn


Email Id - kriss{dot}seo{at}

*b3fed6    (2010-03-26 17:20:10)
14 years ago

I would like to exchange links with other poker related websites. My url is, please send me an email on info(at) and let's see what we can do for each other!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

*luna    (2010-04-08 10:59:50)
14 years ago


I have may quality gambling and poker related sites to do link exchange with.
I only do content link exchange and only with real content, Not link farms, sites.
You can contact me at lunaloran [at] gmail [dot] com

*timovo    (2010-04-09 12:46:34)
14 years ago

Bingo Liner provides the latest bingo liner reviews, offers, news. The website includes instant win games, mini slots and games such as pull tabs.

*godifo    (2010-04-09 12:51:37)
14 years ago

Foxy bingo :Find the foxy bingo reviews at Play 75 & 90-ball bingo, classic slots, multiline slots, instant win games, super slots, video poker, and table games such as blackjack & roulette.

*yanick    (2010-04-16 00:59:48)
Link exchange for poker site


I have an website about London Removals so please take a look and tell me if you are interested.

*freepoker    (2010-04-28 08:09:06)
14 years ago

Link exchange?
free poker money

*xanugo    (2010-05-11 01:47:28)
14 years ago looking to exchange links

*enrique    (2010-05-13 10:58:07)
14 years ago

I Have quality sites please add my id  for  link  exchange  seo.linkbuilding77(at)

*shawn    (2010-05-14 08:55:51)
14 years ago


I am looking for casino, poker related websites for 3 way link exchange. I have almost all theme related sites. Please show me your all link back sites, at shawnhenryseo(at)

*xelaci    (2010-05-14 15:16:52)
Link exchange for CASINO

nicolascoppola27[AT]gmail[DOT]com I HAVE MORE THAN 50 SITES

*sulola    (2010-05-18 10:08:39)
Link Exchange for Casino, poker, Fashion & Games sites

Want to Link Exchange (3 Way Link Exchange )
Please Contact Me.
Email - herry(at)dccasinos{Dot}com

{ I Have More over 115 Sites } ..

*kexiba    (2010-06-16 15:10:39)
13 years ago


I am doing 3 way link exchange if anyone interested to exchange for casino, poker, fashion and education sites feel free to contact me by mail or messenger.

contact by gmail or msn



*juzobi    (2010-06-27 02:36:14)
13 years ago

Im looking to exchange links site: ht*p://

*dezama    (2010-06-28 20:53:58)
13 years ago

hi i have  like few casino poker sites

i am open to exchange links

i have like 40 sites pr1,2,3
willing to exchange links on casino
theme  mail me seoneha87(at)

*demofe    (2010-07-02 06:00:52)
Link exchange for poker site

i also have around 57 domains for casino gambling, poker bingo keno etc..... and would like to exchange links as well as articles as both things are beneficial for ranking and traffic purposes contact me at
barun dot seo (at) gmail dot com

*zapame    (2010-07-14 07:57:07)
13 years ago

looking for casino, travel,, poker, wedhost, finance, , i have these
ht*p:// 3
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chk with these and n contact me on "linkbuilder.xpert(at)",, and i also have 40 more sites of casino

*neseje    (2010-08-13 14:47:51)
Link Exchange For Poker Sites

Dear Webmaster,

I visited your website and found it to be pretty useful content.
I invite you to a link exchange (3-way link) with our website (s).


*nojuxi    (2010-09-02 21:31:22)
13 years ago

please add my id for link exchange

*kate    (2010-09-03 19:10:10)
13 years ago


I'm always interested in partnership with your sites I want to do 3 way link exchange with casinos & sports sites.Please send me your good sites & let me know if you would be interested in pursuing this conversation further.

Pls cnt : linkexchange4casino(at)

*divero    (2010-09-21 17:54:55)
Link exchange for poker site

i would like to exchange links with poker sites, casino sites, lottery related and sport betting sites (soccer, american football, baseball, horse racing, ect). My new site:

I can also provide a page rank 4 backlink, if you will link back to e betting strategies.

Please, let me know and don't be afraid to email me at:

*divero    (2010-09-21 17:56:21)
13 years ago

i would like to exchange links with poker, casino and sport betting sites. My site:


*nejaga    (2010-09-22 15:11:11)
Link exchange

Note: This is one time mailer and can not be regarded as spam in any case. Did you object please reply me back and we'll send you any e-mails on Link Exchange

************************************************** ************************************************** ************

Dear Webmaster,

I visited your website and found it to be pretty useful content.
I invite you to a link exchange (3-way link) with our website (s).

In case you need to link to all sites, we would like to have two back links from different domains.

As you know back links helps to generate more traffic to our websites as well as achieving higher search engine rankings.

If interested, please contact me.

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*vijay_    (2010-10-08 15:18:11)
13 years ago

Add my id for the link exchange

pokerincent    (2010-10-28 23:08:33)
Link exchange for poker sites


I'm looking to exchange links for one of my pages on my poker website, here are the details below:

<a href="" title="paf bonus from" target="_blank">Paf Bonus</a> - Paf Poker Bonus Review

Once you have added my link to your website, send me the details of your link and i will add it right away.

here is my contact email: latestpokerincentives(at)



*parveen    (2010-11-13 04:05:21)
Link exchange for poker site

Hi to all,

I need casino links in return i will add yours on casino niches i have good quality niches like that

if any one have, ping me at parveen1989.seo(at)

i have awaiting your response

*bilavo    (2010-11-15 11:48:44)
13 years ago


i have casino sites for link exchange.

please contact me at neeraj.seo12(at)


*xukedu    (2010-11-16 19:46:37)
13 years ago

Dear Webmaster's,

I need to exchange 3 way links with your sites.  I have almost 25 casino/poker sites which has good PR & non Indian.

I want also non Indian/european(fr, de, uk) related sites with good PR.

If you have then please mail me your sites.
mail me at:-  properguy(at)gmail(dot)com

Let me know your opinion,


*blue_eyed    (2010-11-20 10:07:48)
Link exchange for poker sites

The Quotable Poker Player sites

Links exchange for the following poker sites ...



POKER QUOTES BOOK - The Quotable Poker Player is a Comic Collection of 1500 Humorous Poker Quotations from Five Card Stud to No Limit Texas Hold 'em, from the World Series of Poker (WSOP) to the European Poker Tour (EPT), from Phil Hellmuth to Daniel Negreanu, from Phil Ivey to Gus Hansen, from Victoria Coren to the Hendon Mob, from Online Poker to Home Games, from Aces & Eights to Rounders. The Quotable Poker Player also has special chapters on Poker Movies, Poker Books and Poker on TV, as well as a comprehensive A to Z of poker subjects from Advice to Zen Poker.

*leteru    (2010-12-09 01:09:38)
13 years ago

sumit yadav


I have casino sites and need casino sites for link exchange.
if anyone interested please contact at:


*jonibi    (2010-12-10 19:11:49)
Link exchange for poker site

PLZ add my ID for link Exchange


*garrick    (2011-03-08 08:45:03)
Link exchange for casino, poker site

I would like to express my interest in 3-way Link Exchanging for Casino, Gambling and Poker themes.

Garrick Thomes

arya    (2011-03-18 08:03:53)
Link exchange for Gambling, Poker,Casino sites.


I here the webmaster from

I am looking for quality link partners for link exchange.

Would you like to exchange links with us, please copy and paste our below link details at your gambling/poker site.

Our Link Details:-

Title :- poker games rules
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And contact with me at my email ID

Thank you.


casino    (2011-03-18 08:59:00)
Link exchange for casino site

hi, i have around 20 casino sites of pr1+ with 10 less obl..

i need casino p1+., 200 less obl., anyone interested can mail me venky(at)

pokerincent    (2011-04-03 00:41:28)
13 years ago


You recently requested a link exchange with us at

Please insert one or all of the following HTML links in to your link pages.

<a href="" title="Paf bonus from" target="_blank" class="black-text-link"><strong>Paf Bonus</strong></a> - Paf Poker Bonus Review.

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<a href="" title="Paf poker bonus code from" target="_blank" class="black-text-link"><strong>Paf Code</strong></a> - Paf Poker Bonus Code.

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Once you have done this please send us the pages where our links are listed and we will add your links to the page below within 24hr’s.




garrickthomes    (2011-04-09 00:01:51)
Link exchange for poker site

Hello Friends,

I have just came across this wonderful group. I am presently doing link exchange on travel and car-rental themes. Your kind response will be greatly appreciated. Reach me:

Garrick Thomes

*liko    (2011-09-07 16:39:44)
12 years ago

I am looking for link exchange
please visit my website

*sanjay    (2012-01-16 13:00:03)
12 years ago

hello frd add my id 4 link exchange"sanju.linkexpert(at)"

*sonu    (2013-03-25 08:19:17)
11 years ago

Dear Webmaster,

I have visited your website and I was wondering if you would like to exchange links with us.

Here is the detail of my site:-

Title : spongebob games
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Your links will be added here after your approval.
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*sunil    (2013-09-10 09:37:39)
10 years ago

hello frd
I Have 30 SITE
add my id 4 link exchange


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with details on where you have placed our link and a reciprical...
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Ive just got a new bingo website, Im looking for link exchanges...
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Guide to Free Slots and slot games for all casino players!...

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Once you have decided which page you would like to exchange links...

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