Lightning time control


Lightning time control

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Garvin Gray    (2010-10-13)
Lightning time control

Hello Thib,

With the freestyle tournaments having a time control of 30 minutes with 15 second increment, could you change the lightning time control also to 30 + 15 so we can practice at that time control.

Would be appreciated and I think a good practical change.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-10-13 17:25:44)
Lightning time control

Hi Garvin, I'm not favourable to this change for the following reasons:

1) This would be the 2nd change for this time control in a few months...
2) Bullet & lightning would not be different enough.

3) The freestyle time control has its reasons IMO : 30 mins. for the opening/database & key moves analysis, 15 sec. inc because longer would be too long, while the lightning time control is designed for better analysis during the whole game. A 30+15 time control would be great also but it would be one too much :/