Lee Sedol quits Go because of AI


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Thibault de Vassal    (2019-11-28)
Lee Sedol quits Go because of A.I.

Finally, is it time for Go players to play "advanced Go"? Would it make sense like it used to be at chess?

Meanwhile, Go champion Lee Sedol resigns (it seems for several reasons actually, now ranked #54 at GoRatings.org - by the way the full rating list is worth to watch until rank 800)

So, we human will not probably beat what will replace AlphaZero in the future, but as in chess we could learn a lot from it, if not build great centaur teams.


Ty Bowen    (2020-01-23 15:12:37)
Lee Sedol quits Go because of A.I.

This isn't accurate. His retirement date was set long before AlphaGo.