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Learning Go

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Svante Carl von Erichsen    (2010-02-21)
Learning Go

Recently, someone asked how to learn Go, or who would teach Go, on the side bar chat. The question and my answer has been removed from there, so I'll post some hints here.

First, to learn the rules, I would recommend "The Interactive Way to Go" at http://playgo.to/iwtg/en

To learn playing, play as much as possible, first on small boards (9x9), then going to bigger ones (13x13, 19x19) when you feel that you can keep track of the game there. Play with proper handicaps to keep the game even and improve your feeling for the board.

Teaching can take the form of simple game reviews, where the stronger player analyzes a single game and shows the weakest points and how to correct them; the "Go Teaching Ladder" organizes a lot of such reviews (http://gtl.xmp.net). It can also be done in interactive sessions; these require either face to face contact or a "live" server, though (e.g. KGS at http://gokgs.com). It is generally thought that the teacher should be about 5 stones stronger than the pupil.

Especially in the beginning, the advice is to play, play, play, and not be too fixated on ranks or winning percentages.

Ulrich Imbeck    (2010-02-23 01:59:54)
Learning Go

http://www.goproblems.com/ seems to be nice.