Last moves and coordinates on board


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Walter Rattay    (2006-04-14)
Last moves and coordinates on board

When opening our games, the game boards do not show the last moves. We have to scroll down to learn our opponent's move, then scroll back to view the board. Also, because there are no coordinates on the board, we are more likely to make a mistake, especially when playing black.

Per Lea    (2006-04-14 23:43:10)

I didn't even notice that there were no coordinates until I read your posting! If you move directly on the screen, this should be no problem. I do not see any reason to maintain the option of entering your move by writing it in English notation instead.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-15 03:16:38)
English PGN notation

Writing the move may be a bit faster than clicks. (2 steps instead of 3)

About the last move, you're right Walter. Maybe it should be only an option, I'm not sure all players would appreciate a special color for the last piece moved. (?)

Karlheinz Weber    (2006-04-15 14:07:03)

Coordinates would be fine! K.Weber

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-17 19:25:06)
New features...

Coordinates & last move have been implemented... Now the "live games" concept of the site extends to the home page :)

Also, player informations are 5 successive pages (informations, elo history, title norms, tournaments, games), reachable just by clicking on "ELO" (to improve yet) after clicking the magnifying glass.