Kings Gambit solved


King\'s Gambit solved!

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Paul Valle    (2012-04-12)
King's Gambit solved!

I've been absent from the chess for a while. But suddenly felt the urge to waste some time at work browsing through old chess-articles. Being a huge fan of gambit-play, I thought Id share the following:
Against the Kings Gambit accepted, apparently the only way to hold a theoretical draw is by 3.Be2

Don Groves    (2012-04-12 12:34:37)
King's Gambit solved!

How long will it take to do the same for other popular openings? Will Chess survive or gradually become a relic of times past?

With that much computing power (and no end of advances in sight), will a human ever win a another game against the best computer?

Tano-Urayoan Russi Roman    (2012-04-12 13:37:10)
King's Gambit solved!

Did you read this:, it was was an April's fool day joke.

Don Groves    (2012-04-12 13:43:30)
King's Gambit solved!

It wasn't posted until the next day -- no fair ;-)

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-04-12 14:20:58)
King's Gambit solved!

Oh wow... I was frightened during a second! :)

Rolf Staggat    (2012-04-12 15:19:18)
King's Gambit solved!

You should believe NOTHING that happens in Germany on April 1 !!!
Even the weather-report is a fake !

Paul Valle    (2012-04-12 23:09:59)
King's Gambit solved!