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Kievan Rus

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Jonathan Gresham    (2013-10-21)
Kievan Rus

Before Russia was formed there was a federation of Slavic tribes known as Kievan Rus. There was an old saying that said, "Your tongue will take you to Kiev." This is basically saying that you can ask your way around to be led to your destination. I guess men asked for directions back in the day.

Dmitri Mamrukov    (2013-10-22 21:50:12)
Kievan Rus

Interesting. But we don't have reliable history beyond 300 years ago as it was largely falsified (as evident today with very recent events). One example is the mythical Mongol-Tatar Yoke, which apparently never happened (despite the propaganda even in Russia). Even the Ancient Egypt is a wide-spread and persistent hoax...

But something like what you described above did exist. It was rather named the Grand Tartaria.

Toon Pepermans    (2013-10-22 23:12:23)
Kievan Rus

that site is very likely just a 'historical mystification', something like 'Mongolia' coming from 'megalos' or 'megaleios' should be easily verifiable but ... it's not

Dmitri Mamrukov    (2013-10-22 23:42:15)
Kievan Rus

Very likely? Yeah, to "democratic" and "objective" Western historians who re-write and falsify everything. :) I wish the above link was in English...

It's the eternal struggle of the "sea civilization" with "land civilization" (Mackinder's Heartland Theory).

"Moscow and Peter's town, the city of Constantine, these are the cherished capitals of the Russian monarchy. But where is their limit? And where are their frontiers to the north, the east, the south and the setting sun? The Fates will reveal them to future generations. Seven internal seas and seven great rivers from the Nile to the Neva, from the Elbe to China, from the Volga to the Euphrates, the Ganges to the Danube. This is the Russian empire and it will never pass away, just as the Spirit foretold and Daniel prophesied." - Fedor Tyuchev 1848

Jonathan Gresham    (2013-10-23 03:08:36)
Kievan Rus

Interesting. Thanks for the in-depth replies.





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