Kamsky vs Topalov 2008


Kamsky vs. Topalov 2008

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Thibault de Vassal    (2008-02-15)
Kamsky vs. Topalov 2008

FIDE has announced its decision to accept the US $150,000 bid made by the Bulgarian Chess Federation, unless a country comes up with a US $250,000 bid by April 11th. The Kamsky vs. Topalov match is scheduled for the end of year 2008, after the Anand vs. Kramnik match.


Now, a small test : Who is the current chess world champion ?

(you could also ask to 5 people who don't necessarily play chess around you and leave the results here.. could be interesting :))

Iouri Basiliev    (2008-02-15 16:47:55)
Who is the current chess world champion

Kramnik. Unfortunately.

Philip Roe    (2008-02-15 18:48:06)
Current WC

Sorry, Iouri, but you are wrong.

But even if you were correct, your comment would be wrong (IMO of course)

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-02-15 21:02:49)
Who is the current chess world champion

I must say I quite like this answer :)

Iouri Basiliev    (2008-02-16 00:16:43)
2 Philip

Sorry Philip, but it's MY opinion. Kramnik got his title when he won WC match against Garry. Nobody got it from him. It was "No rematch" and Leko was not a legitime pretendent. So unfortunately.

Nicola Lupinacci    (2008-02-16 14:30:28)
Unfortunately, Kramnik

Unfortunately I think Kramnik is the current champion, and if he lose his title against Anand or the winner of topalov-kamsky match, i think he will continue to proclame that he is the world chess champion...

Gino Figlio    (2008-02-16 18:11:58)
It's Kramnik

But I am waiting for Carlsen to mature a bit more and take over

Garvin Gray    (2008-02-17 11:43:54)

The official answer is Anand after winning Mexico.

This has even been admitted by Kramnik.

The match between Anand and Kramnik is for the official world championship, so once again the crown in on the line, this time in the 'right' format of a match. Only 12 games though with rapid tiebreaks.

Iouri Basiliev    (2008-02-18 17:11:12)

Winning Mexico is great achievment, but for me is nothing to do with chess WC title. It(title) should be taken in the MATCH, not tournament. Waiting for the Kramnik-Anand battle.

Graham Cridland    (2008-04-17 02:09:23)
Anand is currently WC

Incidentally, FIDE extended the bid deadline to let the Ukrainian sponsors try again to get a larger sum under bank guarantee. They say they have $750K! But they probably don't.