July 1 2014 Fide laws of chess


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Garvin Gray    (2014-10-28)
July 1 2014 Fide laws of chess

With the next ficgs wch approaching, I assume this event will now be held under the new rules for the fide laws of chess that began July 1 2014.

Where is the new information contained that states how the new rules will be applied to this event as some of the fide laws chess have had some significant changes and could be make a large change for how some rules are applied on here.

Thibault de Vassal    (2014-10-31 15:38:43)
July 1 2014 Fide laws of chess

FICGS rules are based on current FIDE rules so I don't see any major change except I should specify this "default time" (which is the total time here, but in the WCH tournaments). Do you see anything else?

Garvin Gray    (2014-10-31 16:00:59)
July 1 2014 Fide laws of chess

There have been quite a few changes. But considering our continual disagreements over many issues and the fact that apart from this event, I have walked away from this site, it is not my job to now go ahead and do your work for you.

I am not your research assistant. I offered you my advice many times over the years and in almost all occasions you flatly rejected them, or took so long to come around to them, that I have taken the decision to walk away from this site.

The new fide laws of chess have been on display since July 1 and have been confirmed in stages since then. I am not going to be your research assistant and now sit down and prepare a full document on what has changed and how it should be incorporated into this event- ESPECIALLY- when I know from your past form- that you will flat reject most, if not all, of my recommendations.

So I am not going to waste my time being your research assistant.

I have my own event to prepare for in 2015 and prepare the rules for in that event, which I am working through.

I can give you a word of warning though. If you think that the default time is the only major change, you are very wrong.

Thibault de Vassal    (2014-10-31 19:46:59)
July 1 2014 Fide laws of chess

I asked because you started the topic. I'm not sure why you did it in this context... but thank you anyway. I'm sorry to have disappointed you so many times but not applying some (most or not) suggestions doesn't mean it was not worth to study it, but you know my thought on all this already. Good luck with your tournaments!

Garvin Gray    (2014-11-01 22:51:23)
July 1 2014 Fide laws of chess

There was no context other than a very simple request. With the new rules now in operation, I was asking where do we find a copy or further information on what changes have taken place for this event that flow on from the changes to the laws.

The areas I was mainly concerned with are in relation to:

5 consecutive repetition of moves and 75 moves without a pawn move or capture. The arbiter can now step and force the draw, there does not need to be a player claim.

So will the server be updated to match this? There are quite a few other changes as well where current server practices do not match the new rules.

But as I said, it is your responsibility to make sure that the competition complies with the new rules if you advertise that your tournament follows the fide laws of chess where possible.

The reason for my stance is a very simple one. Over the years, on almost every single occassion, when I have made suggestions or recommendations to you, you have gone in the opposite direction in pretty much 100 percent of cases. Or even when you have claimed to 'agree' with my recommendation, you have then given the trial period such a short time to make it practically worthless.

The last saga in relation with Nick Burrows said to me that, except for the wch, I will no longer be playing on this site.

I can tell you directly, your handling of that issue lost you a long time member.

On the format of the wch, if I actually thought this format was fair and even gave me a shot of winning it, rather than being so heavily biased in favour of Eros Riccio winning it every time, to the point of being fixed, then I would use that as sole motivation to win it.

Thibault de Vassal    (2014-11-02 14:19:06)
July 1 2014 Fide laws of chess

About repetition and number of moves without a pawn move or capture, FICGS rules already specify that it does not apply here so there is no change to make.

The rest of your message explains the context I was talking about. But we don't have to agree on anything: As I explained when FICGS started and many times after that, I wanted to make it (particularly the championship cycle) different from what already exists (and closer to previous FIDE cycle). Obviously, you prefer the other way, that's not a big deal, and there is ICCF or LSS. I would have been ok to make a cup cycle if we had players enough but that's definitely not the case. What to add? There are many reasons why FICGS has quite few members (real names to start...) but there are well known advantages to this. Otherwise there are chess.com, gameknot, so many sites full of players. Finally, complaining players are probably the most important ones here because they constantly bring ideas. There was many many improvements in the first years and it did not go against the coherence of the site. Your cup cycle idea does not even go against the coherence of the original idea of the site, only the context is wrong here. Changing the WCH cycle for a ICCF-like one would be the worst thing to do in this point of view. But that's only a point of view.

Timofey Denisov    (2014-11-04 05:21:48)
July 1 2014 Fide laws of chess

Old FIDE cycle in championship match contained 24 games, not 12 :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2014-11-04 19:44:07)
July 1 2014 Fide laws of chess

I said "closer", not identical :) 24 games would have been way too much for players at this level, IMHO...

Timofey Denisov    (2014-11-05 06:53:29)
July 1 2014 Fide laws of chess

I'm afraid advanced chess in top too drawish for 12 games :) Maybe first start 12, then "revolve" another 12: after end one of these 12 games server start 13th etc till 24? It won't too extend time of WCH, as I think. In worst case, it only doubles it.

Thibault de Vassal    (2014-11-05 23:00:39)
July 1 2014 Fide laws of chess

We already envisage this option, but a cycle would be too long and even worst it would delay next final by 6 months more at least (each round must be 8 months long) and it would be the same for each next final match.