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James Romig

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Garvin Gray    (2019-01-24)
James Romig

Fred Delaforet expressed concern regarding James Romig's health or otherwise after James lost on time in seven of their games.

Doing a google search, I was able to find a James Romig from USA (same location as listed here on ficgs) and that person is 48 years old and is a high class musician.

No death or funeral notices mentioned that I could see.

Rolf Staggat    (2019-01-24 12:50:17)
James Romig

If this is "our" James Romig, then he might be too busy to play chess. He is "on tour", starting January 24th in Cincinatti.
He is on Facebook:
Ask him and find out!

Garvin Gray    (2019-01-24 13:56:38)
James Romig

Asking him to find is the site administrator responsibility. I know that sounds like a buck pass, but as following up on game time outs and other question marks is truly the responsibility of the arbiter of the events, in this case, the person in charge of the site, Thibault De Vassal. Not us.

And also, if we have the correct James Romig, he had 45 calendar days available for holidays to use to avoid timing out his games, so that excuse that he went on tour is not a good enough excuse.

He entered the event and is responsible for managing his time. If he knew he was going on concert, he should not have accepted his place if he could not fulfil his commitments.

Thibault de Vassal    (2019-01-24 18:58:12)
James Romig

Hi all,

Well, it seems to me that a website administrator shouldn't intervene in players private life / ask for or discuss players private life if it does not come from players or players families (as it happens regularly, most often for bad news).

Of course general forfeits happen quite/too often, sometimes there are expressed concerns from other players, sometimes unexpressed concerns or nothing at all, whatever... so IMO the website administrator/referee shouldn't have to act according to such criteria.

Finally, it seems to me that we have to wait for news (but of course friends can contact each other).

As Garvin said, sometimes players make some choices (e.g. if not taking vacation days for any reason is considered as a choice) and there may be unfortunate consequences for themselves & for their opponents. That's what can happen on chess websites... more than in real tournaments, of course.

Thibault de Vassal    (2019-01-24 18:59:10)
James Romig

But I may be wrong after all... Do you agree with this?

Kym Farnik    (2019-01-26 14:15:05)
James Romig

On another forum I had to chase a missing well known and respected member.

Sadly, he had passed away. It is not easy but this is an online *community* so some effort to find out if a long standing member is ok is needed.

I pray James in well and just has a tech issue.

Thibault de Vassal    (2019-01-26 15:30:33)
James Romig

Ah... Really sad to read this (and surprised actually, as James was very very active these last months). I searched his name but there are several James Romig (even in San Diego?) and I'm not able to make it coherent with his last connection (nov. 13, 2018). Any link?

William Taylor    (2019-01-28 16:17:51)
James Romig

Thib - it seems you might have misinterpreted what Kym said. He isn't saying that James has died - he's saying that someone else on another forum has and that he hopes that's not the case with James.

Thibault de Vassal    (2019-01-28 20:00:01)
James Romig

Thank you William! Indeed, I misunderstood this message. Let's hope...

Garvin Gray    (2019-02-12 03:34:38)
James Romig

I have looked through the internet and done quite a bit of google searching for James Romig and I can not find any evidence that a James Romig that would fit a description of a person who would be likely to be playing correspondence chess from USA in 2018/2019 has died recently.

The closest I was able to get was an obituary notice from 2015 for a person much older than anyone we are referencing now.

Garvin Gray    (2019-02-12 03:37:36)
James Romig

Unfortunately, I have experience in this area of attempting to find out what had had happened to a regular correspondence chess player who suddenly stopped playing mid event.

After a lot of internet searching and looking up country records, I was able to find some family information and contacted them in Spain.

They wrote back about two weeks later to confirm that the player in question had passed away about two months previously at aged 36.