JUDIT POLGAR ..........

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Dinesh De Silva    (2006-10-29)
JUDIT POLGAR ..........

Thibault, Is it possible for Judit Polgar to try/ask for a title shot versus Kramnik?!! If it becomes reality, it might turn out to be a huge attraction. Judit seems to nearing peak form right now. What do FIDE rules say about such a possibility?! Any obstacles?!

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-30 08:54:15)

Hi Dinesh.

Seems to be a question a money ?! .. If I remember correctly, Sergey Karjakin was to play Topalov with a 1 M$ prize fund (?), so why not a Judit Polgar vs. Vladimir Kramnik match...

She (probably) only needs a good sponsor and a serious preparation to create such an interesting event... I'm sure Kramnik would play it. I don't remember Judit playing a 6+ game match, but I feel it would be hard for her, first because of Kramnik style (& Judit's).

Anyway, great performance at Essent with a 2-0 mini-match against V. Topalov and I. Sokolov !