Internet-Marketing: 4 New Methods

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ramsatya    (2009-04-21)
Internet-Marketing: 4 New Methods

now a days internet marketing is becoming a Highly competative field.Publishing Articles is the best way for getting targeted visitors as well as links to your website.

Methods to drive targeted traffic for your website:

1.Article Marketing: The Most Inexpensive way for getting traffic for your website is writing Articles.The Articles must relate to your product or services,And it must have a link to your website.

2.Pay per click Advertising(ppc): The Idea Behind this method is to promote your product for specific Keywords and compelling ads via search engines.When a visitor comes  to search engine looking for specific topic using your keyword.then Search engine display ads related to your keyword about your website.If user Wants to click on your ad he will be taken to your website.

3.Email Campaign: After you gathered the names and Emails of visitors and customers.You Sholuld start submitting them periodic mail.This email must contain information about your product and services.This will bring identification to your website.

4.Forums: This is another free method of internet marketing where you can get good information about your niche. By frequently visiting forums related to your niche you can get to know what people want or what problems they want solved in your niche



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