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Amir Bagheri    (2006-06-22)
Interesting question for the Gambit's a

Gambits are the schizophrenics of the chess openings. Most players love to play through a finished game that starts as a gambit, but few players dare to play gambits themselves. Gambits lead to attacking games that avoid the calculated buildup preceding a classic attack. Can the gambiteer justify the material disadvantage? Can the opponent overcome the positional disadvantage that comes with grabbing the gambit sacrifice?

Wayne Lowrance    (2006-06-22 17:22:08)
Interesting question for the Gambit's a

Amir, interesting question. do you know that 41 % of queens accepted result in a loss for white. Even worse Kings gambit (not in favour) 47% of gambits accepted are lost for white. I do not like offering in general unless I want to play a interesting tactical fight against a conservative positional player. This reason enough to play a queens. Just my two bits worth.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-06-22 17:56:59)
King's gambit and statistics...

Wayne, where did you find such (wrong) statistics ??

Gambit (the real thing) is IMO first a psychological attack, most useful against a weaker player... "The best way to refute is to accept it", one said... but queen's gambit is NOT a real gambit and for sure 2. ... dxc4 is not the best move... King's gambit is, but a perfect play most probably also leads to a draw.

Queen's gambit accepted statistics : 33% (1-0), 48% (1/2-1/2), 17% (0-1)

King's gambit statistics : 35% (1-0), 27% (1/2-1/2), 36% (0-1)

... in classical time controls.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-06-22 18:10:05)
Acceptance of gambits...

Amir, in my opinion gambit is only a move like another... It is a psychological choice that depends on the opponent strength and play. IMO a gambit is "justified" (like any move) if the game is not lost... nothing more. If a gambit doesn't lead to a draw with a perfect play, it is a fault. And this thread is a troll :)

Wayne Lowrance    (2006-06-22 21:11:43)
interesting question for the Gambit's a

Sir let me explain, the stats are taken from A database of 1600 GM's. the statistic is taken prior to blacks response but assuming pxp. Of course the percentages varies as you go thru the book lines. Where did your statistics come from (e-mail me, dont want to continue with troll)? Kings gambit with perfect play as you say leads to a draw. That does not impress me much. I agree the best defence against a gambit is accept, I usually do. Yes your right the thread is a troll, I apoligize for contributing but I found my self not being able to agree with where the last few topics were heading. I do not accept this mind games thing excet against a very weak player playing a much stronger player. In this case I agree. I end the troll with this...Wayne

Roger Weber    (2006-06-25 16:19:35)

Although I am a quite new and inexperienced, I dare say that Gambits are a way of forcing a player to do mistakes. If the other player doesn't know a certain gambit, he will get beaten fast and hard by making mistakes. Players tend to do less mistakes in common openings like the Ruy Lopez, as they have seen so many variations of it and played it so much. But, when confronted with something new, the human brain can't analyze every possible moves, which leaves an advantage to be exploited by the player that knows the gambit and obviously wants to play it. Just my opinion. Feel free to correct me.