Improving visibility of draw offers

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Sebastian Boehme    (2011-06-08)
Improving visibility of draw offers

Hi guys,

have posted it in chat and thought I give it another shot here in forum too.

Sometimes players can maybe not see the draw offer, due to stress, playing the move quickly...
I know there is the little message box, like a letter below the game board that says "Draw has been offered".
But maybe there can be an improvement,i.e. a sort of colour....have seen it from other chess sites and there for example a red button
above the board has been implemented.

Or maybe some sort of red frame around the board in design could work it out. So in case of draw offerit gets visible.

I do not want to say players are too stupid to see a draw offer or anything like this, but maybe see it as a simplification for your eyes.

Just a wild idea, looking for comments, or not. ;)



Don Groves    (2011-06-08 05:10:17)
Improving visibility of draw offers

It should be possible to make the words "Draw has been offered" blink for several seconds as was done with the "You have a message" indicator.

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-06-13 18:39:31)
Improving visibility of draw offers

No problem for blink+red+anything, the real question is "where" it can be displayed so that everyone sees it for sure... Not so easy, but still thinking about it.

Robert Knighton    (2012-12-11 18:21:23)
Improving visibility of draw offers

javascript info box notice?

Your opponent has offered you a draw

seems like a simple, minimally invasive way to make sure it's seen

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-12-12 11:43:21)
Improving visibility of draw offers

Well, it happened that a few players offered a draw by mistake/bad click and did not see it, maybe that's the only way to avoid it...

Garvin Gray    (2012-12-13 02:19:32)
Improving visibility of draw offers

I think some kind of pop up is a good idea, where the draw receiver has to confirm they are declining or accepting a draw to continue play.

Michael Aigner    (2012-12-13 10:36:21)
Improving visibility of draw offers

Another nice thing to have would be to see in the game notation when a draw was offered - as it is usual in otb chess.

All the best, michael

Alvin Alcala    (2012-12-13 21:18:12)
Improving visibility of draw offers

A popup window showing "a draw offered" will fix the problem.





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