Improving netiquette rules


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Thibault de Vassal    (2015-08-03)
Improving netiquette rules

Well, after a few days thinking about a complaint, I finally decided to open a topic about this public remark in game 86290 (no need to name the players again here in the forum, by the way best would probably be that they do not intervene in this discussion) :

"my engine has said ckmate in 19,but black player,maybe,prefers passing by 51 days to lose on time"

Context most probably hasn't to be known, rules have to say if it fits netiquette or not (is it insulting or not, is it subjective or not) and of course this is the question.

In other servers, this may lead to a suspension or it may not IMHO, so I'd like to gather opinions on this case, any suggestion to improve FICGS netiquette rules will be appreciated.

In my opinion, we'll have to determine if any PUBLIC remark on the use of the clock is acceptable or not and if not, what measurement to apply.

Alvin Alcala    (2015-08-03 04:08:40)
Improving netiquette rules

I'm in favor of suspension like what other servers do.

Thibault de Vassal    (2015-08-03 16:38:07)
Improving netiquette rules

You mean all other servers do choose that option?

Scott Nichols    (2015-08-04 18:39:05)
Improving netiquette rules

People who abuse etiquette rules, for example one that bugs me is when a player who is going to lose, just lets his clock run out. This NEEDS to be punished in public or private. Such as a one month suspension for EACH occurance

And IMO suspensions should be handed out here. But do it in stages, like one month, then 3 months and then permanent. It's up to Thib to decide if an infraction has occured.

Thibault de Vassal    (2015-08-05 14:49:46)
Improving netiquette rules

But how do you know if this player has no good reasons for not playing in this particular case? Obviously, there may be something like 20% chance, maybe more, anyway there is a chance... or (at a much lower level / without computer assistance) he may even not know that he's definitely losing... I saw such cases happening and I'm 99% sure that actually there were good reasons in half of these cases at least.

And after how many days one could say there is a netiquette abuse? This is a really tough path IMO.

Scott, what do you think about this public remark? Is this also a netiquette abuse according to you?

Scott Nichols    (2015-08-05 17:11:02)
Improving netiquette rules

Yes the remark in public was wrong also. There is not much to do if a player lets his clock run out instead of resigning. Just wouldn't play them anymore unless you get paired in a tour.

I've seen games where the player resigns and then finds out later he could have won. But this is common I'm sure.

As for the suspension IMO Thib has the right to do as he sees fit, he is always fair, and even if I disagree sometimes I find out later he was right, :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2015-08-06 01:38:48)
Improving netiquette rules

Thank you Scott! Goes right in the heart.

Just trying to find the "best" way, this is really hard in some cases (e.g. such case), that's why help and discussion are always welcome ^^

About this case, I think I'm still following my line (also strongly suggested by Gino during the first months of FICGS) that human decision should be reduced to the minimum. It is obvious that it demands strong rules and patience to all players (particularly during a possible Dead Man Defence)... Here, it is important to check if the "insulting" aspect is subjective enough or not, I must say I don't feel qualified to say it. I had to make a decision by myself, but I'd prefer being able to read it in the rules next time.