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John Smith    (2009-09-28)
Human only games/Centaur

Hi all,

Initially when I registered I was under the impression that (e.g. like RHP) engines are not allowed. Then I saw a flag NO_ENGINES, which seems to imply that in other tournaments engines are allowed.

I would like to ask which types of tournaments are for Centaurs and which are human-only. Stepping into a Centaur tournament would not be a good idea as I don't think any amateur stands a chance vs a 2800+ Centaur.

So obviously NO_ENGINES are normal tournamets, are thematic tournaments normal tournaments as well? which ones are for Centaurs?

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-09-29 10:10:30)
Human vs. Centaur

Hello John, NO_ENGINES are the only "normal" tournaments, in all other ones engines are allowed, simply because there is no way to avoid it in correspondence chess. I'll try to make it clearer soon.

John Smith    (2009-09-29 21:23:50)

Hi again,

Thank you for replying, therefore a NO_ENGINES flag is not present I better use engines as well as I don't think is meaningful to play vs a human-computer hybrid who probably is rated 1000+ Elo points above me (following the rationale centaur > rybka > SGM > GM > IM > me)

Not 100% what I was looking for but on the other hand this approach has the merit of studying the opening part of the game in great depth as positions can be analyzed to a great extent.