How to update automatically my Facebook?

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*jotube    (2010-04-08)
How to update automatically my Facebook?

Facebook likes to centralize informations, even the content of blogs. Actually this is also a way to increase the number of your visitors as Facebook is more used than the common RSS readers. A problem is that it takes some time to copy every article from your blog to your Facebook page. So the question is how to update automatically my Facebook page?

This is quite easy, before all you have to create a page for your blog. Then just go to the profile of the page, select "edit page" below the picture on the left, then "notes edit", finally on the right you will see "you are not importing notes from an external blog", select "import a blog" and copy the URL of your RSS feed.

Do not forget to add a widget to promote your Facebook page on your blog. The number of followers will be probably the number of regular readers.

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