How to treat headaches?

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*a1dbe0    (2009-12-30)
How to treat headaches?

Hello, I have several questions around headaches, first I would like to know what causes and how to identify a headache, I read that there are five types of headaches that would have not always the same symptoms. Then I would like to know what are the best treatments to cure a headache and particularly what medication it is usually advised to avoid or to use. What is the best and cheapest medication according to you?

Finally is there a way to treat a headache without any medication or with natural treatments?

Thank you for your hints.

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smart787    (2010-06-02 01:26:00)


How to treat headaches?

* The head is one of the most common sites of pain in the body.
* The most common types of headache can be classified as 1) primary, 2) secondary, and 3) cranial neuralgias, facial pain, and other headaches.
* The most common types of primary headaches are 1) tension, 2) migraine, and 3) cluster.
* Tension headaches are the most common type of primary headache and usually are treated with over-the-counter medications for pain
* Secondary headaches are a symptom of an injury or an underlying illness.
* Patients should seek medical care for new onset headaches, fever, stiff neck, change in behavior, vomiting, weakness or change in sensation.

First you have to diagnose what type of headache do you have. I have had migraine headaches for almost 20 years, and I finally just recently found a treatment that works for me. My doctor put me on Sumatriptan (Imitrex). It really has helped. Since I've been on this medication (probably about five years), I have had only one migraine.
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Take care!

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