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How to submit to Baidu ?

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*baidu    (2009-08-10)
How to submit to Baidu ?

Baidu is still the leading search engine in China, the biggest emerging web-nation, with millions of users and more than 60% of the market share while around 20% for Google, so many good reasons to not forget it. Here is how to submit your website to the Baidu search engine :


Just enter your URL, fill the captcha and you're done !

*rokaxo    (2010-05-06 01:47:32)
How to submit to Baidu ?

I donot know how to submit

*rajneesh    (2010-05-10 12:38:37)
9 years ago

I donot know chinese can any one help me to submit to baidu.

My website url is ht*p://

*madukapu    (2010-09-08 02:49:04)
9 years ago

pls submit International Asian Site this is my Asian site maybe it's interesting for the chinese people too.

*hello    (2010-09-25 08:27:51)
9 years ago

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*bogudi    (2010-10-02 10:40:53)
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*zubeve    (2010-11-14 05:18:21)
How to submit to Baidu ?

i dont know chinese can you submite

*kenoda    (2010-11-28 05:20:21)
9 years ago

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*gofuva    (2011-01-06 05:46:38)
9 years ago

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*rumara    (2011-01-23 18:06:43)
9 years ago

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*panacea    (2011-02-05 14:03:13)
9 years ago

ht*p:// Does this Baidu  have a different mobile url submission or does it have a integrated one that does it all. If some one could help me with it

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*hello    (2011-02-21 12:04:03)
How to submit to Baidu ?

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*pinoy    (2011-02-24 06:10:21)
9 years ago

I want to submit this site to baidu

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*relafe    (2011-03-09 13:01:20)
9 years ago

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*vukilo    (2011-03-21 18:27:55)
9 years ago

The poses an interesting question; are Google in fact at their zenith? Most commentators put Google's current, underlying market share (in advanced western economies) at approximately 75%. However, what will be their global market share in five years time? Even if they grow their presence slighly in Russia and China, their overall world share will fall, simply from the law of averages. It would be most unwise, right now, to discount the growing importance of these new competitors!

*verefi    (2011-05-06 01:13:43)
8 years ago

I have submitted my website to baidu search engine successfully.

Here is how to submit your website to the Baidu search engine :


fill the captcha and press enter or okey to submit and you are done.

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healthtourism    (2011-05-16 15:40:04)
How to submit to Baidu ?

It's same as other search engines.

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brich    (2011-06-15 00:17:48)
8 years ago

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*fopoxu    (2011-06-15 16:05:07)
8 years ago

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*sasate    (2011-06-15 16:08:00)
8 years ago

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*xelero    (2011-06-15 16:09:52)
8 years ago

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*rezule    (2011-06-15 16:11:38)
How to submit to Baidu ?

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*pagore    (2011-06-15 16:13:12)
8 years ago

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*mifavi    (2011-06-30 09:26:03)
8 years ago

My website is about rubber chemicals Please help me submit it in baidu and other Chinese search engine

*vusuko    (2011-07-01 16:52:50)
8 years ago
Baidu top search engine in china.

*dudini    (2011-08-02 07:13:26)
8 years ago


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charlie29    (2011-09-13 18:43:03)
How to submit to Baidu ?

Yes there is a submit page on Baidu but it is not necessary to submit it there because you will not get useful traffic from china.


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*bedumu    (2011-10-23 10:03:12)
8 years ago

I have successfully submitted site to, just follow the below procedure

goto ht*p://

In below the search box insert your website url mine was ht*p://

Insert the captcha and click on submit done.

It is as simple as it, or else just go to and search for "how to submit my site to" and the first result appears is your answer.

*jafofu    (2011-10-28 20:35:52)
8 years ago

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*gijube    (2012-01-04 16:35:14)
8 years ago


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*vimoke    (2012-02-23 11:50:30)
How to submit to Baidu ? Best Games On the Web!

*tawan    (2012-02-24 17:59:33)
8 years ago

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*fesepa    (2012-04-07 12:11:22)
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*japazo    (2012-04-11 05:07:18)
7 years ago

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*jocita    (2012-05-10 04:12:20)

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davidwatson1    (2012-05-21 19:31:41)
How to submit to Baidu ?

Thanks a lot friends for sharing your useful tips and suggestions i really appreciate it.


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*zecoze    (2012-06-02 17:30:05)
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*durano    (2014-05-27 01:42:17)
5 years ago

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*jurisu    (2015-04-03 15:29:24)
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*nocoxe    (2015-06-08 23:53:37)
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*kuputo    (2015-06-08 23:56:32)
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*sekepi    (2015-07-24 09:07:12)
4 years ago

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*puleje    (2015-08-23 17:56:36)
4 years ago


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*linesi    (2015-08-27 23:25:39)
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*dazeje    (2015-10-01 23:35:36)
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*rojome    (2015-10-01 23:37:49)
How to submit to Baidu ?

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*firujo    (2015-10-28 07:00:44)
4 years ago

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*peleja    (2016-08-08 21:56:29)
3 years ago

I blog is not submitinh in above link how do it


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