How to make a milkshake ?

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*378ea7    (2009-07-15)
How to make a milkshake ?


Does anyone know how to make a milkshake ?  I have no idea about it, do you need milk only that you shake then ?  That looks quite stupid at a first sight so I assume there is a recipe.


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*dicema    (2010-05-01 01:18:30)
13 years ago

Serously just ask an aunt or uncle. or famaily i'm sure they've all made one.
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*xipaci    (2010-05-01 01:19:46)
13 years ago

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*xosevu    (2010-06-17 01:18:45)
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*fresh_vending    (2011-01-05 15:33:11)
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*jasala    (2011-04-12 16:50:57)
How to make a milkshake ?

you get a blender and blend the fruit, the yoyghurt and the milk together and blend it. Then pour into a cup and drink

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its wonderful i like this recipe its very simple to make and healthy...
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