How to make a baby: Sims 3

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*yogago    (2010-03-04)
How to make a baby: Sims 3


In my game in the Sims 3, my family just grew up again, the son has a girlfriend who now lives in the house with the family, they try to make a baby but they do not succeed. I do not understand, they make love, actually they did it several times already, but nothing happens.

What should I do so that they can make a baby? Did I miss something?  Not all characters can do it?  What are the conditions for that?

Thanks for your advices and sorry for my english that is weak.

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*bizake    (2010-05-14 02:57:11)
14 years ago

hi, Have you ever tried to click the "Try to Have Baby"? Is why sometimes doesn't work, but it must be because you click on the "woo-hoo" and when you click this opition, the baby can't be born. I hope i have helped.

*cadute    (2010-12-08 23:18:04)
13 years ago

SOMETIMES YOU HAVE already to many sims in the same house if you put some out it will work

*mepenu    (2010-12-23 08:29:37)
13 years ago

they will die if you do have one

*sipiki    (2011-03-22 07:09:33)
13 years ago

what do u do to try for baby

*bidila    (2012-02-12 22:27:31)
How to make a baby: Sims 3

In my computer I got the sims to make a baby u have to make your sim have family oriented trait and your sims partner.then get into bed and make them relax and click try for baby.if u have enough lifetime wishes come true get fetaitly wish u have more chances of getting twins triplets or more.  Hope I helped


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