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How to make a BBcode function ?

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thibault    (2009-04-04)


How to make a BBcode function ?

How to code a BBcode function that imitates Bulletin Board forums, and that you can change according to your needs. Here is a script that may help you to start.

As a reminder, the aim is to process a text that has been processed already by the htmlspecialchars() PHP function to allow certain HTML functions [bold, font size, color, href, img, videos, smileys and so on...] while avoiding that the user can place HTML tags.


function bbcode($text) 
  // To keep the spaces
  $text = str_replace('  ','&nbsp; ', stripslashes($text));

  // To jump a line
  $text = preg_replace("#n#i", '<br>', $text);

  // For pictures, one transform "http", this shouldn't be processed as a url
  if (eregi('[ picture=', $text))  {  $text = preg_replace("#[ picture=http://#i",'[ picture=', $text);  }

  // For videos, one transform "http", this shouldn't be processed as a url, it also transform a Youtube link to access directly to the video
  if (eregi('[ video=', $text))  {  $text = preg_replace("#[ video=http://#i",'[ video=', $text);  $text = preg_replace("#[ video=www.youtube.com/watch?v=#i",'[ video=www.youtube.com/v/', $text);  }

  // For url with tag
  if (eregi('[ /url]', $text))  {  $text = preg_replace("#url=http#i",'url=hzzp', $text);  $text = preg_replace("#url]http#i",'url]hzzp', $text);  $array_test_beg = split('[ url',strtolower($text)) + split('[ URL',strtolower($text));  $array_test_end = split('[ /url]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ /URL]',strtolower($text));  if (count($array_test_beg) == count($array_test_end)) {  if (eregi('[ url=', $text))  $text = preg_replace("#[ url=([ ^[ ]*) ?] ?([ ^]]*) ?[ /url]#i", '<a href="1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="2">2</a>', $text);  if (eregi('[ url]', $text))  $text = preg_replace("#[ url]([ ^[ ]*)[ /url]#i", '<a href="1" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">1</a>', $text);  } }

  // For url without tag
  if (eregi('http://', $text))  {  $text = str_replace("&quot;"," ++^^$$&quot;",$text);  $text = preg_replace("#([ n ])?http://([ a-z0-9-=_%#$~%&;?./()+]+)#i", '1<a href="http://2" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://2</a>', $text);  $text = str_replace(" ++^^$$&quot;","&quot;",$text);  }

  // For url with tag
  if (eregi('hzzp', $text))  {  $text = preg_replace("#hzzp#i",'http', $text);  }

  if (eregi('[ ', $text))

  // Colors
  if (eregi('[ /color]', $text))  {  $array_test_beg = split('[ color=',strtolower($text)) + split('[ COLOR=',strtolower($text));  $array_test_end = split('[ /color]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ /COLOR]',strtolower($text));  if (count($array_test_beg) == count($array_test_end)) {  $text = preg_replace("#[ color=red]#i", '<font color="#FF0000">', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ color=magenta]#i", '<font color="#FF00FF">', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ color=brown]#i", '<font color="#AA0000">', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ /color]#i", '</font>', $text);  } }

  // Font size
  if (eregi('[ /size]', $text))  {  $array_test_beg = split('[ size=',strtolower($text)) + split('[ SIZE=',strtolower($text));  $array_test_end = split('[ /size]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ /SIZE]',strtolower($text));  if (count($array_test_beg) == count($array_test_end)) {  $text = preg_replace("#[ size=([ 0-9])]([ ^]]*)[ /size]#i", '<font size="1">2</font>', $text); } }

  // Pictures
  if (eregi('[ /picture]', $text))  {  $array_test_beg = split('[ picture=',strtolower($text)) + split('[ PICTURE=',strtolower($text));  $array_test_end = split('[ /picture]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ /PICTURE]',strtolower($text));  if (count($array_test_beg) == count($array_test_end)) {  if (eregi('[ picture=', $text))  $text = preg_replace("#[ picture=([ ^[ ]*) ?] ?([ ^]]*) ?[ /pic]#i", '<img src="http://1" alt="2">', $text);  } }
  // Videos
  if (eregi('[ video=', $text))  {  $text = preg_replace("#[ video=([ a-z0-9-=_%#$~%&;:?./]+)]#i", '<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350" allowFullScreen="true"></embed></object>', $text);  }

  // Tables
  if (eregi('[ /table]', $text))  {  $array_test_beg = split('[ table',strtolower($text)) + split('[ TABLE',strtolower($text));  $array_test_end = split('[ /table]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ /TABLE]',strtolower($text));  if (count($array_test_beg) == count($array_test_end)) {  $text = preg_replace("#[ table=([ 0-9]+)]#i", '<table width="1">', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ table]#i",'<table>', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ /table]#i",'</table>', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ tr]#i",'<tr>', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ /tr]#i",'</tr>', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ td]#i",'<td>', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ /td]#i",'</td>', $text);  } }

  // Smilies, an example
  if (eregi('[ :', $text))  {  if (eregi('[ :)]',$text)) $text = preg_replace("#[ :)]#i", '<img src="/images/smilies/smile.gif">', $text);  }

  if (eregi('[ /b]', $text))  {  $array_test_beg = split('[ b]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ B]',strtolower($text));  $array_test_end = split('[ /b]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ /B]',strtolower($text));  if (count($array_test_beg) == count($array_test_end)) {  $text = preg_replace("#[ b]#i", '<b>', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ /b]#i", '</b>', $text);  } }
  if (eregi('[ /i]', $text))  {  $array_test_beg = split('[ i]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ I]',strtolower($text));  $array_test_end = split('[ /i]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ /I]',strtolower($text));  if (count($array_test_beg) == count($array_test_end)) {  $text = preg_replace("#[ i]#i", '<i>', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ /i]#i", '</i>', $text);  } }
  if (eregi('[ /u]', $text))  {  $array_test_beg = split('[ u]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ U]',strtolower($text));  $array_test_end = split('[ /u]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ /U]',strtolower($text));  if (count($array_test_beg) == count($array_test_end)) {  $text = preg_replace("#[ u]#i", '<u>', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ /u]#i", '</u>', $text);  } }

  if (eregi('[ /strike]', $text))  {  $array_test_beg = split('[ strike]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ STRIKE]',strtolower($text));  $array_test_end = split('[ /strike]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ /STRIKE]',strtolower($text));  if (count($array_test_beg) == count($array_test_end)) {  $text = preg_replace("#[ strike]#i", '<strike>', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ /strike]#i", '</strike>', $text);  } }

  if (eregi('[ /code]', $text))  {  $array_test_beg = split('[ code]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ CODE]',strtolower($text));  $array_test_end = split('[ /code]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ /CODE]',strtolower($text));  if (count($array_test_beg) == count($array_test_end)) {  $quote_color = '#FFE0B0';  $text = preg_replace("#[ code]#i",'<div style="color:#333333;background-color:'.$quote_color.';"><code>', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ /code]#i",'</code></div>', $text);  } }
  if (eregi('[ /quote]', $text))  {  $array_test_beg = split('[ quote]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ QUOTE]',strtolower($text));  $array_test_end = split('[ /quote]',strtolower($text)) + split('[ /QUOTE]',strtolower($text));  if (count($array_test_beg) == count($array_test_end)) {  $text = preg_replace("#[ quote]#i",'<div style="background-color:#F0F0F0;"><blockquote><font size="-1">', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ /quote]#i",'</font></blockquote></div>', $text);  } }

  if (eregi('[ /email]', $text))  {  $text = preg_replace("#[ email]#i",'', $text);    $text = preg_replace("#[ /email]#i",'', $text);  }


  // Email addresses
  if (eregi('@', $text))  {  $text = preg_replace("#([ n ])?([ a-z0-9-_.]+)@([ a-z0-9-_.]+)#i", '12(at)3', $text);  }


function bbcode_title($text) 
  // No need to jump a line here
  $text = preg_replace("#([ nr]+)#i", ' ', stripslashes($text));

  // Remove tags 
  if (eregi('[ ', $text))  {  $text = preg_replace("#[ (.[ ^]]*)]#i", '', $text);  }

  // Email addresses
  if (eregi('@', $text))  {  $text = preg_replace("#([ n ])?([ a-z0-9-_.]+)@([ a-z0-9-_.]+)#i", '12(at)3', $text);  }
  return $text;


The first function imitates most of the main BBcode features, while the second removes BBcode tags to build e.g. RSS feeds.

This small script checks the number of opening and closing tags but may react strangely when you include some in some others. Here I replaced "[" by "[ " or [+space to avoid them to be processed by the forum. Of course you can replace "[ " by "[" to retrieve the original code.

You'll notice some tricks to process url with or without tag only once (here with the rel="nofollow" attribute that you may remove). Of course there are hundreds of ways to do it.

Some lines are just examples, you may add as many as smilies or colors as you like, this is only a script that can help you to start to code such a function.

To code a complete forum in PHP, see the next discussion

(more options below)

*_    (2009-08-21 14:49:32)

How do you tell what BB codes to use =/

*31d042    (2010-02-09 00:29:36)
10 years ago

ceci est un test

hello... ezaezae

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