How to detect google bot ?

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*85002e    (2009-09-15)
How to detect google bot ?


Which tool do you use to detect if Google Bot is visiting your website ?  Do you use a list of Google Bot ip addresses (if yes, how do you update it automatically ?) or is there another way ?  My server uses php5 and there is no more environment variable that can tell if the visitor is google bot

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abiaabida    (2010-02-10 13:14:10)
How to detect google bot ?

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Thanks many for explain about Google bot..via you followers again.

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johnsmith    (2010-04-14 13:03:34)
14 years ago

I think by using Telnet you can detect google bot.


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collinhoward    (2010-05-11 14:00:43)
14 years ago

You can use IP to detect GoogleBot but it can be happen that GoogleBot's IP is changed.


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healthtourism    (2011-05-22 09:43:22)
13 years ago

Check cache of the page.

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4 years ago

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