How to capture a screenshot of a website

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thibault    (2009-12-17)


How to capture a screenshot of a website

Many webmasters have to make online captures of screenshots of various websites they write articles about. There are many ways to do this, of course some are scripts that you install on a server and that can do it automatically for your website, some are free softwares, and some others are websites that allow you to enter the url, then it gives you a picture from the website.

Thumbalizr is a great online service that provides this tool for free. It is probably the best one I have tested so far as some ask for a backlink or money to do it.

Do you know other websites like this one that can make online captures of a screenshot of any website for free?


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*pubeci    (2010-10-05 22:48:01)
How to capture a screenshot of a website

you can use ht*p:// It is the best thumbnail generation service around. Sitethumbshot is easy to integrate into site and it is really fast. If you ask for a link and is already generated, user will get it on the fly otherwise after some time. It is probably the cheapest website screenshot generation service on the internet.

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