How to block everyone on Facebook?

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*saniro    (2010-05-31)
How to block everyone on Facebook?

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to block everyone at the same time on Facebook?  I would like that noone be able to send me messages or to add me as a friend, particularly the people who are not in my friends list. Also I would like that noone be able to add my name on photos, including my friends. Finally, at the same time I would like to be able to write on my wall and to contact my friends. Do you know if there are settings that can help me to do this?

Thank you.

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*xejocosna    (2010-07-11 20:34:05)
How to block everyone on Facebook?

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*jsooon    (2010-08-01 00:13:36)
13 years ago

i think thats why there is a block option to stop morons like you xejocosna

*vazixa    (2011-03-11 07:08:54)
13 years ago

Hi there you can change your privecy settings on facebook.

Also to block user you can follow below website.


It is always good idea to change privecy settings so only your friends can see your wall and can send you messages. Default settings is everyone can see your profile. and once you block someone they can not see you even in search result. Isn't it cool ?

*zomate    (2012-01-15 00:45:31)
12 years ago

Hun, if you want to block everyone, and not let anyone add/message, delete your facebook.

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