How the PageRank is calculated ?

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*seoq    (2009-09-09)
How the PageRank is calculated ?


I would like to know how the Google PageRank is calculated, does anyone know its algorithm or all criteria that are used to calculate it?

Also do you know how the PageRank is used to calculate the rank of a page in Google search results?

Finally what is your favourite list of tips for the search engines optimisation?

Thanks !

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banneyhill    (2010-04-27 10:38:22)
How the PageRank is calculated ?

We can calculate page rank from the value of its inbound links.


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robertgrabe    (2010-05-08 09:06:32)
13 years ago

We can also check the page rank via Page Rank Checker.


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*mizaco    (2010-05-17 20:37:21)
13 years ago

Noone knows how the Pagerank is calculated, fortunately or it would be easy to cheat!

denkywarke    (2010-05-28 12:18:54)
13 years ago

page rank is count by using in bound link and it's page rank.


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*marck_don    (2010-06-09 14:29:47)
13 years ago

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georgcarlin    (2010-09-01 09:15:30)
How the PageRank is calculated ?

you can get the good page ranks for buying good PR links

tomadams    (2011-03-28 07:40:15)
12 years ago

PageRank can be calculated for collections of documents of any size.
Thank You
Tom Adams
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azam    (2012-01-17 14:21:50)
12 years ago

you can check your site's PR by visiting this ""


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