How many games at once


How many games at once?

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Daniel Parmet    (2010-05-02)
How many games at once?

How much Chess Corr do most players play at once? I guess in addition do you have any OTB play to it or Go games?

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-05-02 15:16:12)
How many games at once?

Hi Daniel, in my case I used to play almost 100 games at once 2 years ago, including Go games... I had to reduce this number to 2O~30 before to turn crazy :)

This could be an interesting statistic to calculate... when I'll find some time.

Daniel Parmet    (2010-05-02 16:59:50)
How many games at once?

Interesting, I also try to keep my games to 20-30 usually. I currently have 39 though and I have had as many as 75 at once (which was crazy for me!). Still in addition to this I play anywhere from 5-20 otb games in addition a month.

Sebastian Boehme    (2010-05-07 18:41:23)
How many games at once?

Hi guys,

at prime time I used to play about 230 games at once. This can be quite stressful though and I have reduced this number quite a bit by now.

I think with good time management 100 games at once can still be managed.

Don Groves    (2010-05-08 09:12:52)
How many games at once?

Back when FICGS was younger, I believe there was a limit of 50 games at one time.

I think this limit should be reinstated. A player may think he or she can handle 100 or more games but what about the opponents who then must wait up to a year for a game to finish?

I still feel there should be a rule that mandates a shorter maximum time between moves (no more than 7 days) but limiting the number of simultaneous games could have the same effect, that of speeding up games to a reasonable duration.

If a player cannot make at least one move per week in any game, then they don't have enough time for the number of games they are playing.

Garvin Gray    (2010-05-08 11:14:59)
How many games at once?

I agree with Don on all these points!

Hannes Rada    (2010-05-08 20:04:09)
How many games at once?

> still feel there should be a rule
> that mandates a shorter maximum time > between moves (no more than 7 days)

I am sure such a rule would cause many players to quit playing here.
Hey this is corr chess and not Blitz !
What is a reasonable duration for cc games ?
I had some games at the ICCF server which took more then 2 years.
Patience is one of the most important skills for a (cc) player.

Heinz-Georg Lehnhoff    (2010-05-08 20:12:05)
How many games at once?

I agree in no point with Don.

By the way, if you play more than 50 games of chess or go you cannot enter a chess or go waiting list. The same is valid for poker games.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-05-08 20:45:55)
How many games at once?

Actually there's still a rule on the number of games... If you have more than 50 running games (but poker), you cannot enter more waiting lists (but wch), the same for poker games that are limited to 50 before to enter a new waiting list... (see the complete rules for more details)

IMO the current rules are the best balanced ones.

Don Groves    (2010-05-08 23:23:15)
How many games at once?

With some talking about so many games, I did not know there was still a rule for 50 games maximum. Those other games must be on other servers then and FIGCS has no control over that.

As for the proper length of correspondence games, I would not willingly play if I knew a game would take more than three months. It's not a matter of patience, it's a matter of reasonableness. A two-year game is simply unreasonable to me. I've never had a postal game last nearly that long.

Daniel Parmet    (2010-05-09 03:36:39)
How many games at once?

If you lower the time limit for response on games to 7 days then I will ask for you to delete my account. This little time defeats the entire point of correspondence. You have no right to dictate how I can and where I should spend my time. The reason I play correspondence is because I can spend 10 days on juicy positions or sit on draw offers or if my real life gets too busy ignore my games all together. If you take this away from me then correspondence is dead to me or at least this site is.

Don Groves    (2010-05-09 05:01:36)
How many games at once?

Vacations take care of life getting too busy to play. The other stuff is a matter of opinion. Ours are different.

I have no problem with taking 10 days for a juicy decision, but some here take several days for almost every move! That becomes too much.

Another thing that happens is that when a new tournament begins, one player may let his clock go red before he starts to move in a game. Then he will play one move per day to avoid losing on time, but the other player must wait for several weeks before the game begins. Is this fair?

Daniel Parmet    (2010-05-09 06:13:15)
How many games at once?

Absolutely its fair. Both players knew the timecontrol when they signed up. One player is using the timecontrol and the other has no right to be annoyed since he agreed to the timecontrol.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-05-09 14:48:45)
How many games at once?

Well, what are we talking about exactly? :) .. Do not worry Daniel, there will be no change change for chess or Go as I'm still convinced that the current rules are the best balanced ones for the most (and not too stressing), but there is probably something to do with the time control for poker... (see the "Speeding up Poker games" discussion)

The only thing we shouldn't change is this time limit per move of 60 days (of course if we have more than 60 days on the clock). When I see other online games on Facebook on whatever that force their users to connect every 8 hours or so, I'm just terrified.

Don Groves    (2010-05-09 22:43:13)
How many games at once?

Thib, the difference between 8 hours and 60 days is laughable. No one is advocating anything close to 8 hours, just something more reasonable than 60 days. I can see nothing wrong with 7 days, but if that's too short for some, then 14 days. If a person cannot make one move in each game every two weeks, they have too much on their plate.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-05-09 23:24:12)
How many games at once?

Of course it is laughable, I took the extreme opposites but while everything goes faster & faster on the internet and everyone MUST become more & more addicted so that the world runs fine (just meaning more money), my choice is definitely not to follow that way, also because this system will not work so long IMO. People will slowly quit Facebook after a time or at least will not use it the same way, and many already started to stop to play all these thousands stupid applications. Maybe it cannot be really a good comparison but the idea is there.

Correspondence chess was much slower before email chess & server chess, and it is now fast enough IMO. I don't know how other players feel it, some ones have time for sure, as for me I have some time to play but a 14 days limit per move would be really stressful to me though... I cannot imagine how many games more I would have lost with such a rule.

I know that a few players would like faster moves, however I feel that most players are fine with the current rules and I really want everyone to be cool here. We've lost a bunch of good players because of the previous rules such as unlimited number of games.

Now we should debate it game after game as most players who would like faster moves at chess still play in class tournaments (while rapid category was designed for them). Go is a game of patience definitely, but I have some work to do to accelerate some games (something towards automatic adjudication), and the major problem will be for poker games.

So, what are we talking about? :)

Tano-Urayoan Russi Roman    (2010-05-09 23:35:54)
How many games at once?

Mr Groves if you want faster games, in the Rybka forum they play games at one move per day, maybe you will not lose your precious time waiting for your opponent moves.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-05-09 23:44:16)
Time, time

I don't think we should hear Don this way, I understand that correspondence chess or Go asks us to have a "flash forward" of 1 year, sometimes more, and that may be a real problem in some cases.

I remember the case of a strong player & gentleman, Einar Andreassen, who had to forfeit several games kind of that way :/

Don Groves    (2010-05-10 02:13:36)
How many games at once?

I've had my say, I'll stop now. I'm still cool with FICGS, no fear of that ever changing :D

No matter what system of rules is in place, there will always be those who find a way to take advantage of it.

Daniel Parmet    (2010-05-11 19:30:51)
How many games at once?

my poor topic got derailed by pointless asides!