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How come ...

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Robert Mueller    (2011-07-10)
How come ...

... that in the established rating list there are players who have never played a single game here?

E.g. the current #1, Rene-Reiner Starke has not played any games and has no games in progress. He has not even logged on for almost a year.

The same goes for the current #7, Ryszard Kasperek. No games played or in progress and not logged on for almost two years.

Are these players just window-dressing?

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-07-11 23:26:36)
How come ...

Hello Robert,

The established rating list shows not only ratings built at FICGS but also at IECG or FIDE/ICCF (that are quite similar).

I understand your question and that point is similar to another recent discussion, that's why I'll make an update soon to distinguish players who never played any game at FICGS.

Garvin Gray    (2011-07-12 17:40:13)
How come ...

Why are players who have never played a game here even shown at all?