Hoe to use the keywords in SEO?

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seniorseo    (2010-12-22)
Hoe to use the keywords in SEO?

SEO keywords

SEO or Search Engine Optimization


It Is a tool for boosting your ranking

but the incorrect application of SEO will no more increase your website traffic because

SEO is not something you can apply and then sit back and wait for people to visit your website

So  Correctly applied, SEO will certainly boost your Google ranking. Whether it will get you to the

first page of results, 


but you have to know well that SEO is not a magic stick

that will make all the difference that you want in your website,

It needs to be remembered that good SEO and good content is the most potent combination for

Google rankings

Also the SEO-compliant content for a website and still have a standard of content which will,

impress your vistors


Google and the search engines read every site that they can find and rank them on

The basis of how appropriate they are for peoples search terms , so for marketing

Your web site turn up in peoples search results you have to think about what  they

Will searching for , and what kind of terms "keywords" will be used by people who

Want to use your business .

For example If you have a business that excellent modern furniture then you want to

Make sure that people who search for "best modern furniture" , "cheap modern furniture"

And "modern furniture" .


There fore you need to make sure these terms are in your web site text and need to do it

White keeping the text readable
the writer frequently using the keyword once every other sentence or a similar density

However, SEO is not just about use of keywords. It is more accurate to say that SEO is about the

relevant, appropriate and substantial use of keywords within good content.

Although a good keyword density will certainly help you – it certainly will not hurt – there is more

that you can do to send your page ranking higher. What means a good keyword density ? It means

to mention your main keyword in your article a couple of times

It is certainly not impossible to write well and be SEO compliant, you just need to find where you

will place the keywords and make sure that the text around them is appropriately well-written. If

you have a target of 500 words and want a keyword density of about 20-25 – an acceptable level

and one which will get Google’s attention – then you need to make sure the other 475 are

persuasive and coherent.


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ozstylo    (2013-08-16 10:14:35)
How to use the keywords in SEO?

you should use it with hyper link


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