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Wayne Lowrance    (2010-03-06)
Help : Tablebases, Rybka 3

I recently had a power failure that crushed my comp. I re installed vista.
Have trouble with R3 executing tablebases.
In a nut shell here is what I can tell you:
My table bases are located on hard drive D:(My Chess- tablebase).
I am pointing to that location for R3 to look for tablebases.
Here is what happens: Using Infinite analysis my pv's are getting TB hits but are not showing the solution path.
Am I missing some file ? some file misplaced ? MY bases are on D, R3 is on C, dont think that is a problem.
I sure could use some help
Thank you

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-03-06 18:29:04)
Help : Tablebases, Rybka 3

Hi Wayne, very sorry about this :/

So you use Aquarium, right? I don't know anything about it but sure you should find help quickly on Rybka forum...

Just take your time and come back at your best ;)

Iouri Basiliev    (2010-03-07 12:58:43)
Help : Tablebases, Rybka 3

Hey Wayne,

Just close your R3 normally and open it again. TB must be seen now by Rybka :)

Benjamin Block    (2010-03-12 16:18:21)
Help : Tablebases, Rybka 3

I like table base. But i never install them on my computer because it takes place. If you have the same problem check this link:

Save over 1000 GB space free :D

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-03-13 21:26:08)
Help : Tablebases, Rybka 3

It will never be exactly the same to play with the help of this interface... At least it is quite feasible to install 5 + some 6 pieces tablebases.