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Help For New Members

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Saksham Wal    (2006-10-31)
Help For New Members

I tried to check all existing post, but could not find what i Needed. Can someone Please Help me out in Few Things

1. How do i Start a Single Game Here ? Or playing Tournaments is the only way?

How do i find out which Tournaments are Open to join and which ones are already closed?

2. Are all moves played by e-mail(if yes, how?) or is there on site-java based Interface or something of the sort (eg: like features on GameKnot )

I understand that my Questions Might happen to be silly but well... i-need-to-know...

Hope this topic does not annoy anyone.


Roger Weber    (2006-10-31 22:56:02)

1. There is no way to play single games on this site.

2. No, there's a beautiful interface on this site. I like the site, because it is very fast loading.

I hope this helped.


Saksham Wal    (2006-10-31 23:00:23)

Yes it did.

But, how do i find how Which all Tournaments are Open to Join and which all are already closed?


Saksham Wal    (2006-10-31 23:18:04)
Waiting Lists.

Got All My Answers... Thanks

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-11-01 01:18:04)
Help For New Members

Too late, you & Roger were faster than me :)

I'll try to improve the F.A.Q. in Help...

Best wishes.

Saksham Wal    (2006-11-01 01:25:44)
A Small Suggestion

Hello Thibault de Vassal

The Names were Bit confusing. Maybe instead of "Waiting Lists" it would have been, "Open Tournaments" or tournament open for entry or something like that, i would have been more easy


P.S: This Site is Great!