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Hello Thibault

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Wayne Lowrance    (2008-10-13)
Hello Thibault

I am just curious. I just realized that I am getting close to 3 norms for FEM. In Tournament M #15 I have already enough points for a FEM norm. In Tournament M #21 I will earn a FEM and possibly FIM norm. In M #19 it is possible I could earn FEM norm. Question: in the M #15 tournament I have not been notified about qualifying. ( and I have). Which brings up the question. Do you notify the players of norm status. And should a player earn enough to get 3 FEM norms does the server notify that player, and how often are Status achievments upgraded. Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-10-13 12:31:56)
Hello Wayne :)

The norms calculation occur about once per month but it just consider tournaments where you have no more running games !

I just launched a calculation so you should see the changes now (and you must have been warnt by email for your norms and title). Well, actually I see no norm for you so you must have at least one running game in this tournament.

My best,

Wayne Lowrance    (2008-10-13 17:15:58)

thank you Thibault. Yes, I see, in M #15 I still do have one running game. I am 5/5 in that tournament so I do have one more game to complete. Wayne