Happy birthday FICGS


Happy birthday FICGS :-)

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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-04-05)
Happy birthday FICGS :-)

FICGS started on 2006, April 5... Exactly one year ago !

How much work... I'm really happy how the server evolved, there's still a lot of work (actually there's always something to improve) but the main things are done, it is now really stable (no more major bugs) and it works "almost" by itself :)

Almost 10,000 games started this year, I predict much more for the next year ;)

Thanks to you all for enjoying it !

Don Groves    (2007-04-05 07:51:16)
FICGS Birthdays

I just learned that Alejandro Suarez-Moreno's wife's birthday is also today! I think we should know players birthdays so we can send them greetings on that day. Maybe put them in each player's information. Mine is Sunday ;-)

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-04-05 20:22:10)
Congratulations to Thibault

Good job! Best, Wolfgang

Phil Cook    (2007-04-05 21:32:45)
Bithday Wish's

Firstly: Congrats to all those people who got FICGS up-to & beyond 1yr Secondly: Happy Birthday to all this month Lastly:See my post on Easter Holiday

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-04-06 01:02:05)
FICGS Birthdays

Thanks Wolfgang :)

Don, birthdays are already displayed in players informations ;) .. See mine ! You just have to enter it in "Preferences".

... and happy birthday to Mrs Suarez-Moreno ! :)