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Go suggestion

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Lazaro Munoz    (2007-02-21)
Go suggestion

The one thing that is missing and I think is essential is the count of stones that have been captured by each side. I know I could just count what is left on the board but near the end it becomes very tedious. --laz

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-02-21 16:17:50)
Chinese counting

Hello Lazaro !

Maybe I did not understand some things yet :) .. It seems to me, as we use Chinese rules with Chinese counting, that the numbers of prisoners is completely useless... It is a question of territory (you may use the Go scorer - link Score - before to play your moves to evaluate the board), right ?

Best regards.

Phil Cook    (2007-03-03 09:20:01)
Good point

Agree totally!!