Go ratings rule update


Go ratings, rule update

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Thibault de Vassal    (2008-10-05)
Go ratings, rule update

In order to limit the inflation of Go ratings, I've updated the rules for ratings superior or equal to 2000. The idea of the original rule was to help players to find their rating range more quickly only.

"Go ratings are first estimated from Go ranks (n kyu give a 2100 - 100 * n rating, n dan give a 2000 + 100 * n rating, n dan pro give a 2630 + 30 * n rating), then adjusted in real time after each result :

Performance = Opponent Current Rating + 350 if the game is won, -350 if the game is lost.

Case of a win (rating > 1999) : New Rating = ((9 x Current Rating) + (1 x Performance)) / 10
Case of a win (rating < 2000) : New Rating = ((8 x Current Rating) + (2 x Performance)) / 10

Case of a loss : New Rating = ((9 x Current Rating) + (1 x Performance)) / 10

The rating calculation does not take account of wins obtained by a stronger player when the Elo difference is superior to 350 points, the same with losses by a weaker player.

In case of a loss against a player rated more than 350 points less, the opponent's rating considered in calculation is : Current Rating - 350."

Christoph Schroeder    (2020-02-04 01:13:01)
Go ratings, rule update

What is the initial rating for a Go player in his first tournament?

I noticed that most players start at 100, but my own initial rating was 000.

Thibault de Vassal    (2020-02-07 19:06:41)
Go ratings, rule update

Players can auto-estimate their rating from 0 to 1100 (10 kyu). By default it is 0 (if not specified) or 100 (20 kyu).