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Tommie Derz    (2006-06-07)
Go applet, ranking list

I am interested how this chess site could develop into a valid site for playing Go. It obviously started by as a server for Chess enthousiasts, which is ok. I suggest a better separation between Go and Chess on this server, resp. a rating list for Go to. It does not make sense to me to have my 'non'-chess-rating of ELO 1400 entered into a list and being silent of the Go rating of e.g. Florescu, Ion (2600?). The chess applet works well, the Go game replayer not.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-06-07 00:38:57)
Go / Chess

Hello Tommie.

I chose not to implement a Go rating system for several reasons, first and main is: a quite true correspondence Go rating may be very (!) long to achieve, maybe even impossible. It seems to me that the challenge could be elsewhere ie. tournament results, to qualify for the FICGS championship tournament.

About the rating list, so far all new players appear in a unique rating list, soon there will be an established rating list, a provisional rating list and a new player rating list.

About this rating for Ion (2600), where did you see it exactly ?

... at last what happens with the Go applet ? You have to click on 'game description'. If it doesn't work, feel free to tell me what game you try to watch and what happens... Thanks in advance :)

Sebastian Ilie    (2006-07-03 23:01:29)
rating list

For Thibault de Vassal : You could find Florescu Ion's rating at http://gemma.ujf.cas.cz/~cieply/GO/gor.html. And i agree with the the separate rating lists for GO and chess.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-07-04 01:25:41)
Go rating list

Hello Sebastian.

So it was a GO rating about Ion... (I did not understand that :/)

Still thinking about a Go rating list... If I implement something would it be better to have only informative ratings (from federations) or rating calculated from the games played here (probably not very relevant) ?

Anyway, players who didn't play a single chess game with a rating <1700 (~not from FIDE / IECG / ICCF) won't appear on the chess rating list in a while.