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Go Tournament (forfeit)

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Ryaad Aabid    (2006-05-26)
Go Tournament (forfeit)

I have applied to this tournament without reading its rule,that I unfortunately have no idea.I am an old player :-) Therefor I should say SORRY to all players in this tournament - not my interest ! I thought it is some chess tournament with different system ! Please remove my name if it is possible , otherwise I should resign all my games in this tournament. Kind regards Ryaad Aabid

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-05-27 03:30:57)

Hello Ryaad. I'll replace you by another player soon.

Go tournaments are unrated but count for the FICGS championship qualifications, so I'll replace forfeiting players as much as possible.

David Grosdemange    (2006-05-28 15:06:54)
go 9*9 ?

is it possible to organize some 9*9 go tournaments ? games in 19*19 are sometimes very long ...

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-05-28 15:40:14)
go 9*9

Hello David.

I didn't implement 9x9 goban firstly because I didn't have a Java viewer for this size... Then, I thought it was a good thing not to propose other sizes, 19x19 is "real go", most interesting and challenging games ! 9*9 is only tactical training... Actually my games here are the very first I play on a 19x19 goban. I use to play 9x9 with friends, on a chessboard :-)

We could offer different times, goban sizes, handicaps etc... but I think this is not the way FICGS goes : Purity of games and competition. 19x19 go games are long, but we have time... Not a bad thing to cut idleness (particularly mine :))

David Grosdemange    (2006-05-28 16:53:39)
real ?

on this server we don't play only "real chess" , so why play only "real go" ? if a lot players wan't to play this "go variant" , why not to organize 9*9 go tournament ? (we must see if other players want to play 9*9 go)

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-05-28 17:17:21)
Chess & go variants.

Ok David... But Chess 960 isn't chess 'training', as Go 9x9 could be. I think unrated chess tournaments wouldn't have much success.

Let's see if other players want to play go 9x9 ... I think the point is about rating and championship. As there is no rating system and only a title for 19x19, players couldn't be attracted by go 9x9 if there isn't the same challenge. I changed the rules in this way, now more players will play continuously Go tournaments and compete to have a chance to play the Go world championship tournament.

David Grosdemange    (2006-05-28 22:08:48)
challenge ?

if trying to become the ficgs go world champion is a challenge , playing go can be a challenge for chess players who discover go . and beginning with 19*19 is a little hard ...