Go Tournament 1


Go Tournament # 1

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Ryaad Aabid    (2006-06-01)
Go Tournament # 1

Hello all players - GO tournaments I have applied to this new started tournament by mistake , I will be thankful if any player can replace me to reply here or e-mail to FICGS. *I never done moves yet. Kind regards Ryaad/Norway

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-06-01 15:47:28)

I did not forget you, Ryaad. (time sometimes misses, sorry to your opponents..)

Does anyone would accept to replace Ryaad in the first Go tournament that started a few days ago ? Thanks in advance.

Reminder : If players wish to qualify for the FICGS Go championship, they must be among the 11 players who obtained the best results in Go tournaments (see rules).

I think 2 (maybe 3 if the number of players increase quickly) victories in tournaments should assure a place in the WCH tournament.

Lionel Vidal    (2006-06-01 15:56:41)

I will be glad to play in that tournament: first time I will not play go face to face... I forsee an nice new experience!

Best wishes.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-06-01 16:29:31)
Replacement done

Ok Lionel, thanks :)

The replacement is done, Ryaad.

Ryaad Aabid    (2006-06-01 17:36:10)
Thanks Lionel and Thibault

Many thanks :-) Ryaad