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S. Uzdin, 2142
Y. Aahlad, 1914


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Samy Ould Ahmed    (2007-08-01)
Go Server

A great go server : http://world.cyberoro.com Do you play in this server ? What do you think about it ?

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-08-03 17:20:49)
Your opinion

Hello Samy, I didn't play there... The website announces 1,5 million players (wow) !? Does it look like another well-known server ?

Mladen Jankovic    (2007-08-03 18:01:53)
IE, yeah right

It requires the use of Internet Explorer. No way I'm going to play there.

Don Groves    (2007-08-12 07:56:45)
IE, yeah right

I'll second that sentiment!