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Wayne Lowrance    (2007-08-13)
General comments

Hi all. I really enjoy playing here at FICGS. It is really one of the best places for CC. Recently there has been a lot of junk discussions, accusations and unfriendly talk. Only in the last couple of months I guess. Some preety bizzare talk. I hope it gets cleaned up and I feel confident that Thibault has taken notice and does not approve. On the recent post of "unfair withdrawals". My opinion is that players games should be forfeited across the board in a situation like this. Just my thoughts. I really like this team concept. I am enjoying playing very much. I expect to get our team 1 1/2 points. Those of you who might be interested please check out game number 11987. It is/was really loaded with threats and tactical chess right out of the get go. I cannot and should not comment about it now, but will at its conclusion, I think some of you will get a kickout of it. :) bfn Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-08-13 18:46:54)
General comments

Thanks for sharing your opinion about these issues, Wayne :)

About the partial withdrawals in WCH tournaments, a problem is to define what is really "unfair" or not, how to avoid possible cheating and how to avoid human decisions as far as possible. A big deal for sure...

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Don Groves    (2007-08-14 02:16:17)
General comments

Is it possible to write a rule that has no loopholes? There will always be those few misguided souls who will find a way to violate the spirit of a rule while staying within the letter of the rule. They inhabit all segments of society. We can only do our best and hope that FICGS is not cursed with too many of them. IMHO, trying to write bulletproof rules will lead to much complexity, confusion, and even more dissatisfaction.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-08-14 03:22:05)
General comments

Hi Don.

I fully agree with this... The same problem may happen in OTB swiss tournaments when a few strong players agree results in advance to share the money prizes. That's probably very hard to avoid it, that's why I prefer knockout tournaments. And after all, according to the current rules, nothing prevents to ban systematic abusive players, which is probably enough...

Thomas Tamayo    (2007-08-15 14:22:19)
Possible solution...?

What if a forfeit of all games occurs as soon as one game is lost (on time or resignation) without at least 2 moves (one by B, one by W). It would be easy for an abusive player to get around this rule by playing a move before forfeit. The benefit would be that this offense is bannable (easier to find abuse). It seems fair - players in a tournament should be prepared to play!