Gameknot Match


Gameknot Match

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Charlie Neil    (2007-02-17)
Gameknot Match

What's the score now? And are there any challanges to others sites planned? I enjoyed the visit to gameknot. Put me down for any other inter-site challanges.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-02-17 18:07:31)
Gameknot vs. FICGS, other challenges

It seems GameKnot leads 5-4 in the games played here... Not bad :)

Any news about the games played at GameKnot ?

It could be interesting to discuss about other team challenges... A team tournament, matches against other servers or forums (which ones ?), maybe at different time controls or playing chess variants (chess 960) or other games (could be fun to play chess & Go, poker or anything against the same players).. with or without computer assistance and so on... It should be easier to build teams now thanks to the chat bar.

It seems there was no problem of cheating with chess engines during the match against GameKnot, that's encouraging to organize other ones.

Charlie Neil    (2007-02-18 12:09:03)
Gameknot Match

Well I know I won my game at Gameknot. And as for further team matches I'll sign up for standard chess without computer assistance thank you. Will Marc and Beranard be Vice Team Captains?.....8-)

Marc Lacrosse    (2007-02-18 15:19:22)

If I am the Marc you are referring too, why not ...
Don't be fooled : I like human chess too (I was in the 2050-2100 range for years OTB a long long time ago).
Although I doubt I would like it much I suppose I could still play decent correspondence games without comp assistance ...
And be sure : if I went to enter a non-computer event I would follow the rules !


Charlie Neil    (2007-02-19 13:57:34)
Gameknot match

Yes Marc, good for you! 2050-2100! I dream of making 1600!, (and keeping it!) Let's go!