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Game of time ?!?!

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Wolfgang Utesch    (2006-10-13)
Game of time ?!?!

Someone of us are just thinking to play with thinking time rules as a part of correspondance chess game is a fine and sportsman like behavior. I don't think so: It is just childish and primitive - nothing to do with the culture and art of a chess game!

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-13 14:22:32)
Re: Game of time ?!?!

Hello Wolfgang.

Should this post be included in another thread ?!

Wolfgang Utesch    (2006-10-13 16:32:42)
Re: Game of time ?!?!

Hello Thibault, please have a look on the behavior of one of the players in our common tournament #002. I find no other way as shaking my head on it!

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-13 18:13:05)
Re: Game of time ?!?!


I must say this is a quite strange strategy, if it is... Several 2300+ players continuously are in zeitnot (and finally loose some games on time). I don't think it can influence 'much' the play at correspondence chess time controls so that's probably their only way to manage time. Some can't play faster, obviously... Some also play at IECG, ICCF and so on. Anyway nothing can prevent that...

Wolfgang Utesch    (2006-10-13 19:26:48)
Game of time ?!?!

The point is that only one player seems to be in zeitnot, but NO - it is just his tactic (in all games) - strange attitude - he loves it to do his last move before new time count (after move 10, 20 etc) always in the last minute.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-13 19:33:35)
Re: Game of time ?!?!

Strange... that's the word. But I'm quite sure he's a strange guy too :)

Hannes Rada    (2006-10-14 00:03:36)
Tactics ?

Hi Wolfgang, I am playing against this guy in FICGS__CHESS__CLASS_M__000002 But I do not have a problem with this tactic, if it can be called a tactic. Maybe it should be simply called Zeitnot .... Why do you bother about that ? It's wÝthin the rules.

Wolfgang Utesch    (2006-10-14 04:30:07)
Game of time ?!?!

Legal doing is not the same as right and good doing! When a player stops always at move 9, to do the 10th in last minute (mostly after a long time period of inactivity) is this strange. I think, i have enough experiences in correspondance chess to differ this from normal handling with zeitnot. By the way, at the same time he has also enough time to discuss in this forum copiously.

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-10-14 06:45:39)

Hi, Utesch, Rada & Thibault, I guess this thread is about me?! Let me clarify...... I am in over 80 games at this time in FICGS, ICCF, LIAPE, and IECG. Quite a few of the games are world championship final matches, world candidate matches & world champioship matches. So I have to naturally concentrate on those critical middle games & end games matches mainly. I'm only human. I have a severe case of catarrh due to break of rest. So in ccertain games I get into time trouble, but as you can see I try to be very creative/original in my games & try to find new variations even in openings.

Wolfgang Utesch    (2006-10-14 07:10:25)
Game of time ?!?!

You cognizned yourself - this could be the best way to change your mind! You can play so many games as you want - maybe it is not reasonable! Also it is not your use to full capacity of time in your games, but the way you're doing. If you are ill, you should take a time out - best wishes for your convalescence!

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-10-14 07:16:49)

Hi, chess friend Utesch! I have no leave time left, as FICGS only allows 30 days leave, and I had to use it up in the early part of this year. So, there's not a single day of leave for this year. (If you check with Thibault, you'll see that I haven't entered for any new tournaments since more than two months).

Wolfgang Utesch    (2006-10-19 07:06:14)
Game of time ?!?!

No lessons learned - the same procedure as before! Our specialist for the last minute stays faithful to himself.

Wayne Lowrance    (2006-10-19 18:56:33)
Game of time ?!?!

Try and relax a little Utesch, I know it can be frustrating, it would frustrate me also. But De Silva seems sincere to me. Just my two cents worth my friend....Wayne

Elmer Valderrama    (2006-10-20 18:28:09)
like toilet going?

..I think this tactics looks like the CC analog of going to the toilet 50 times per game..


Scott Prestwood    (2006-10-21 02:42:17)
Moderation in everything

I find it easy to take on too many correspondence games my self. I prefer to have time to analyze as this is the tradition of coorespondence chess. I often feel busy (zeitnot as you call it) with just 15 games with long time controls. Some principals I use in moderating my challenge rate are; 1) I dont start new games if I have a game under 15 moves in progress, opening require less analysis, and the mid game is where most of the work is done. 2) whatever the estimated days per moves is I limit myself to 1/4th of that as my limit of games. i.e. if the average days per moves is 12 days I will try to keep around 3 games going if possible. These limits work well and I'm on several coorespondence sites.