Game decided by tablebase


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Garvin Gray    (2020-02-15)
Game decided by tablebase

This topic is referring to game 119111. Over 24 hours ago, I pressed the call referee button and claimed a draw for a six man tablebase position.

I have also referred to this game in the chat section.

Whilst I have plenty of time on my clock, this whole process and lack of action, which in my opinion should not take much effort, is really making me nervous that nothing is going to be done and I should waste my time playing out the position.

All I want is the position declared drawn as per the rules.

It should not be this difficult.

What would occur if I only had two days or so on my clock? Would I have to use vacation time to prevent my clock reaching zero.

Charles Bovary    (2020-02-19 17:09:29)
Game decided by tablebase

At ICCF the tournament director is the one whom you'll have to address your request to.All 6 and recently 7 pieces endgame tablebases positions are arbitrated automatically. If your request is correct.

Thibault de Vassal    (2020-02-20 18:55:28)
Game decided by tablebase per the rules indeed, here rule 11.5 specifies "If time control is superior to 1 day and if a player doesn't want to resign (or accept draw) and obviously last the game, his opponent may report to referee a first time. If the player takes 30 days more to finish the game, his opponent may call referee another time, then the game will be adjudicated."

I understand that this rule may be annoying but it brought some peace since it has been added: either it gives some time to end the game or it helps to make the referee's decision easier (and more acceptable by both players).

Christoph Schroeder    (2020-02-21 14:28:01)
Game decided by tablebase

Nowadays, all players are supposed to have access to 7 men tablebases. Therefore I propose to extend the rules to 7 men positions - IMHO the ICCF rules (referred to by Charles) make perfect sense.

That means: When a 7 men position is reached and the opponent refuses to resign resp. to accept a draw, the arbiter can be called and adjudicate the game immediately.

Christoph Schroeder    (2020-02-21 14:33:09)
Game decided by tablebase

Once this rule is established, I am sure that the cases where the arbiter has to be calles will be extremely rare.

Charles Bovary    (2020-02-21 17:59:00)
Game decided by tablebase

As part of the ICCF rules:
7-piece tablebase:5.1.3. A data set or program that indicates forcible outcomes (with best play) when there are 7or fewer pieces remaining on the board.
Referring to in your players feature the game comes to a forced end, if your claim is correct. The TD is the one confirming that your claim is correct. Adjudication is done automatically by the server.

Thibault de Vassal    (2020-02-21 23:05:43)
Game decided by tablebase

Access is always possible, but it is not so easy for all players, particularly when playing on mobile phones. FICGS shouldn't be a place for centaur players (usually meaning playing on a computer) only IMO, correspondence chess is played for fun as well. ICCF rules are great in its specific way, but FICGS can be different.

I'm not so sure that those cases would be so rare, many (most?) players don't even know FICGS specific rules :)

Charles Bovary    (2020-02-22 09:44:28)
Game decided by tablebase

I aggree.FICGS is just fine by me, even if missing a rated Chess960 feature I like FICGS as it is!