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Normajean Yates    (2008-12-17)
Game 26099 - fit case for adjudication?

Game 26099 Salinas - Yates 13...Qe1# {mate} - more than 50 hours ago. On my checkmating move I had sent request to resign.

Salinas posted this in international chat: [I am pasting:]

"salinas marcelo : congratulation ..nice victory Norma. (2008-12-16 00:31:15)"

So he has sent 'final friendly message' also. But in international chat, *not* with resignation! He has *still* not resigned.

If you click 'more messages' and scroll down international chat, you'll see that I had - immediatety after his message, politely explained that he had to resign.

Salinas has blocked private messages.

I feel that all this is annoying and unfriendly, so the game should be adjudicated. (since the purpose of NOT having automatic checkmate-recognition is NOT being served, but the feature is being abused by opponent.)

What do you people think? What is the precedent/convention for such a case on ficgs?

Thibault, adjudicate?

Normajean Yates    (2008-12-17 05:15:54)
another point..

3-fold repitition is automatic draw here I see --- doesnt opp want to make 'last freindly comment in case of draw?' [the same logic why checkmate is not automatic win here]

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-12-17 14:18:17)

Hi Normajean,

The adjudication in case of a threefold repetition is justified (the game has to be ended).

About your game, it seems to me that such behaviour happens more often when one player asks the other player to resign :) .. Not a big deal, it will not change anything to the ratings right now and actually a few players do not even know how to resign... I've adjudicated it anyway.

Normajean Yates    (2008-12-17 15:23:46)
I only asked him to resign because..

he might not know that he has to resign!

Thibault I see the psychological truth of your observation - thats why I was interested in precedents/conventions! - but Salinas is 40+ years old - such childish behaviour! [Do *some* *men* never grow up? ;)]

I wanted this to be complete because I am doing year-end closure of things... including putting these games into scid. It was annoying that I had to edit it to show 0-1 instead of unfinished!

Thanks for the adjudication --- if it wasnt yearend - vacation and festive time approaching - I would not have bothered you [I think :)] ..