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Freeze tech equipments

Freeze Tech Air Conditioners, a sector business of Freeze Tech Industrial Investment Company “Freeze Tech Equipments” and the leading national manufacturer and service provider of oil coolers, chillers & air conditioning systems in India, recently announced the development of its line of Process Cooling Chiller Systems. The specialty chillers are designed to meet a wide range of customer needs with cooling capacities ranging from 10 to 1,000 tons.

Process cooling systems are essential to the functions of various industries and facilities. They cool or extract heat from a fluid required for a process, maintain desired temperatures during a process, or cool a piece of equipment or its components. Process cooling systems must be designed and constructed to withstand the rigors of year-round performance over a wider range of operating conditions than other systems, and reliability, redundancy and flexibility must remain a top priority.

Common process cooling applications include: plastics, chemical, medical, data centers, food processing, concrete batching plants, and most importantly Emergency Personnel Drenching Facilities (Shower & Eye Wash stations). These applications often require specially designed Process Cooling Chillers. In addition, the operational efficiency and production level of such plants are significantly tied to the quality and reliability of their process chillers.

“Successful process cooling for all customers is our ultimate goal. Because we are the unique local producer of these essential and complicated systems, we strive to provide the cost effective, robust designs that assure maximum up-time, as well as the professional services and low cost operation our customers need to operate at the highest level of efficiency and profitability,” said Derek D Cruz, Chiller Product Unit Head at Freeze Tech Equipments.

Freeze Tech Air Conditioners process cooling systems are designed to handle precision process cooling situations that require more demanding thermal and mechanical performance, more sophisticated control systems and higher expectations for reliability, flexibility and lower operating costs. The first group of new process cooling chiller systems has already been manufactured and delivered. They are currently in use at project sites operated by some of the region’s top companies and industrial organizations.

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Freeze tech equipments provides widest range of commercial and residential under chillers available across the India and a professional installation service for all customers.‎


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