Freestyle vs Access providers


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Thibault de Vassal    (2010-04-10)
Freestyle vs. Access providers

It looks like that access providers are a real problem during freestyle tournaments... In 4 rounds, 2 players (at least) lost a game on time because of them and 1 other had to play with his mobile phone card because his access provider was not able to see during a few hours.

It is possible that week-ends are a quite bad choice to play as most internet providers encounter most problems from friday evening to monday (and take much more time to solve it).

I do not see a clear rule that could solve all this, maybe more rounds would attenuate the problem... If you have any idea, let's discuss it!


Thibault de Vassal    (2010-04-10 17:49:40)
Freestyle vs. Access providers

Another lesson is that maybe I shouldn't organize such tournaments (the last round was launched about 40 minutes late because of a new connection problem) before that my own access provider makes the necessary to be more stable :(

That's a shame but there's nothing else to do than to wait. It was a good tournament anyway that will allow me to improve some things for the next editions.

Thanks to all players who participated!

David Evans    (2010-04-11 11:38:59)
Freestyle vs. Access providers

Nothing u can do Thib even if u played in the week which has it own problems as it it easyer to play on weekends.

losses due to internet happens