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Scott Nichols    (2010-10-20)
Freestyle Fun

Freestyle tournament is only 11 days away and already it promises to be an exciting event. Hopefully more will join, especially our friend from India, :)

We have an exciting array of players already though...,

Yuriy Perikov-a new player from Russia who has raised his rating almost 100 points in just two games.

David Evans-Last years winner. I am sure he will be looking to repeat. A definite threat.

Uh-Me-I'll be trying, :)

Marcel Jacon-I don't know anything about Marcel, but I'm sure he will be a tough opponent!

Garvin Gray-A longtime player with much experience. He seemed to improve dramatically after his computer went into the "shop" for a week towards the end of our 24 game drawn match. He will have to be watched out for.

Ruben Comes-What can I say? He is a definite favorite in this event. With his powerful openings, middlegame and unerring endings, he will be hard to beat.

Robert Mueller-I don't know Robert, but I hope to one day if I can ever get up to his level. Another strong favorite here. With an 80% win rate against top level competition, how could anybody bet against him!

Jose Moreira-Another strong unknown to me. Very experienced and I am sure a threat.

Thibault de Vassal-Our glorious leader! If his connection can hold out, we all know Thib is as strong as anybody. It would be nice to see him pull this off.

Sebastion Boehme-Don't be fooled by Sebi's relatively low Advanced rating. He is very strong, experienced Freestyle player. Another shaky connection cost him last year. I consider him to be right in with the favorites of this event.

So there it is "so far". Exciting huh?

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-10-20 21:32:25)
Freestyle Fun

You said it all Scott, thanks for this very nice presentation :) Let's hope that a few of our italian freestylers will try to shake the tournament! The prize increased to 150 Epoints + Entry fees this time, not so much yet but always trying to offer more & more Epoints in all tournaments...

A small word about the connection, I noticed that when is not available, the internet access providers often let you reach , think about it if you encounter such a problem (whenever by the way), just like it happened to Mauro who courageously played half the tournament on a smartphone during the last event, the trick may have helped him :/

Kamesh Nookala    (2010-10-21 16:45:12)
Freestyle Fun


Very well put Scottie and thanks for those sweet words. I am not certain yet whether to join or not as there are lot many things which need my immediate attention. I never played a freestyle before, this is one aspect which is tempting me a lot. Personally speaking, I want to participate, but for the circumstances.

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-22 17:01:57)
Freestyle Fun

Deadline : 2010 october 30 - 13:00 server time

Thib- Can you please confirm that the times mentioned above are accurate for when play will be occurring for the upcoming freestyle tournament.

Also would you be able to post some time zone conversions for major cities, so all of us from all over the world can work off those times.



Thibault de Vassal    (2010-10-22 18:11:38)
Freestyle Fun

It is accurate!

First game will be played at :

Paris - 1 pm.
London - 12 am.
Los Angeles - 4 am.
New York - 7 am.
New Delhi - 4 pm.
Berlin - 1 pm.
Buenos Aires - 8 am.
Moscow - 3 pm.

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-22 18:12:48)
Freestyle Fun

For me in Australia I think it is 9pm.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-10-22 18:23:08)
Freestyle Fun

Looks like in Melbourne it will be 10 pm.

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-22 18:24:53)
Freestyle Fun

And I live in Brisbane which does not have dst, Melbourne does, so Brisbane is one hour behind Melbourne.

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-26 19:39:15)
Freestyle Fun

With still ten players, if nothing changes, perhaps we could make a single round robin, rather a swiss.

Either this would mean playing 5 rounds on the first day and four on the second, or adding a third day and staying with three rounds in a day.

Thoughts of others?

I do hope that more people enter and it says a swiss, but thought I would float this option in case we have ten players.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-10-26 21:28:08)
Freestyle Fun

We cannot change the format now... 6 rounds is a lot in 2 days already, 9 rounds would kill most of the participants (IMHO) :)

It is always hard to guess the final number of players until the very last moment as registrations are authorized whenever. All I can say is that one new player is to enter the waiting list, maybe two. (ah, finally one player entered it before I can finish my message :))

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-27 03:06:00)
Freestyle Fun

Does not matter much now anyways as an eleventh person has joined.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-10-27 21:07:22)
Freestyle Fun

Gino Figlio entered the waiting list, Jai Prakash Singh as well and another player is obviously to follow... This should be a nice tournament, come on :)

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-28 03:13:04)
Freestyle Fun

Hopes we have even numbers :)

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-28 16:46:58)
Freestyle Fun

Sebi still in the bottom half, harsh tournament this one coming up.

Kamesh Nookala    (2010-10-29 04:16:57)
Freestyle Fun

hmmmmmm.... what am i doing?
I am IN........... tzk tzk

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-29 04:18:06)
Freestyle Fun

Well you need to join the waiting list before you are actually in!!

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-29 04:18:33)
Freestyle Fun

and there you go, you really are now in :)

Kamesh Nookala    (2010-10-29 04:22:49)
Freestyle Fun

thanks my friend :)

Kamesh Nookala    (2010-10-29 04:43:02)
Freestyle Fun

Catch ya guys tomorrow in action. Leaving for Office and i will only return tomorrow as having a night halt at in-laws place today.
Good Luck to all :)

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-29 11:21:06)
Freestyle Fun


How will you be deciding the draw for round one? What I mean is will you be doing a registration period and collecting names and then entering only those players in round one, or will you be entering all those who have registered via the waiting list, regardless of whether they are online or not at 1300 ficgs time.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-10-29 12:38:29)
Freestyle Fun

Great to see you in Kamesh, definitely this tournament will be tough :)

Garvin, good question! Last time I did it regardless... Best is IMO to decide just before the start, if only one player (maybe two, depending who) is not connected, I'll include him in the list. If three players are not online and if I'm not sure they'll play, I'll send an email to them, wait a few minutes more, then we'll start without them. Not so easy to optimize anyway :) Actually that's a good point, I'll probably add that players must be connected before the start of the first round in the freestyle rules.

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-29 12:48:08)
Freestyle Fun

I think only those that are online at 1300 should be paired in round one. This ensures that the tournament gets started on time.

The only exception would be if someone has let you know that they will be turning up, just will be a bit late.

Players can always be paired starting from round two.

I ask for this for two reasons:

1) It allows you to cover any last minute points and you know that all players have seen the messages because they are actually online. and

2) Not everyone is playing this tournament starting in the afternoon. The tournament starts at 9pm for me, so it will finish each day late enough as it is. I will certainly not be happy at all if I have to wait around for late comers and will not mind saying so.

It will mean that I get 'punished' by not starting on time because of those who could not make it on time without letting you know beforehand. How is that fair?

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-10-29 13:56:36)
Freestyle Fun

Well, the connected players issue is for round 1 only, the third round should start at time. When it didn't happen, it was because I had connection problems, as far as I can remember... (but my connection works fine these days)

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-31 02:44:01)
Freestyle Fun

Could someone post the current scores for all players.

Preferably a cross table :)

Robert Mueller    (2010-10-31 09:26:02)
Freestyle Fun

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-10-31 11:11:50)

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-31 11:13:19)
Freestyle Fun

Ok i am sick of this issue. When I attempt to click on the links provided, or even when I try and open them in a new browser, I keep getting the please login screen. Which means I can not view the link.

This is an issue I am throughly sick of getting.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-10-31 11:40:34)
Freestyle Fun

Even with the crosstable link ?? Very strange... Did you try in the same window? (replacing this page)

Garvin Gray    (2010-10-31 12:00:44)
Freestyle Fun

The crosstable link has opened to a new page with a different looking format.

Robert's link still presents the same issues, no matter if I try and open it in new window, new tab or by copying link to either same or different browser.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-10-31 12:10:44)
Freestyle Fun

"new page with a different looking format", yes that's normal, if you see the crosstable (you may enlarge the window so that it appears perfectly) that's ok.

The problem with the other link is ununderstandable to me :/ looks like your browser does not manage cookies/sessions with several tabs.