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Benjamin Aldag    (2007-01-17)
Free funny chess-videolessons ;-)

Hi folks,

after a long journey in vietnam, i am back ;-))

Don't forget to download my latest funny and free video-chesslessons at

cu soon


Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-17 11:31:32)
Hi Benny

Welcome back ;)

Hope you had a nice journey. That's a pity you lost your games (FICGS vs. Gameknot also) on time, but I guess it would have been difficult to continue...

Your videos are great, especially lesson 8 (with your music). Actually it seems to be some games analysis. Did you use a particular software to make it ? .. Keep us informed of updates :)

Benjamin Aldag    (2007-01-17 11:37:34)
The Soft/Hardware i use

To make your own chessvideos, you need the following things:


a webcam and a bottle of vine (or two)

Screenrecorder Gold
Easy Video-Joiner

and a chessboard on screen. I used Chessbase 9.0, but software like the free Arena or Winboard are good enough too.

I will make more videos in the future.


Benjamin Aldag    (2007-01-19 15:48:39)
new videos

...i will update my page tomorrow with new videos ;-)


Benjamin Aldag    (2007-02-10 18:01:06)
New free chessvideo !!!


a new free chess-videolecture is only since yesterday. Its about the 'Dzindzi Indian Defense'.